How to Clean Basement Floors

Most people with a basement find it tricky to effectively clean their floor. Basement floors usually see a lot of traffic, and need to be hardwearing as they often house washing and drying machines, and miscellaneous junk. Additionally, they are usually floored with concrete rather than carpet or laminates, which can cause further problems. In this article, I will show you how to clean basements floors simply and easily, and will show you how to keep them looking in top condition.

Traditional Cleaning Methods

Depending on the condition of your floor, there are a number of more traditional cleaning methods that can be used. Before deciding to clean the floor it is important your remove everything from the basement to get in all the corners. If this is not necessarily feasible, do not worry , no one is going to see behind that washer dryer anyway!

Firstly, it is important to ensure all miscellaneous debris that happens to be on the floor, e.g. dirt, leaves, cat hair, pennies etc. are picked up. This can be effectively done by sweeping the floor, which will also get rid of any dust that has accumulated since last cleaning. For more effective pick up, you can also run your vacuum over the surface if it is flat, and this will again help to remove foreign objects.

Next, tackle any particular marks and stains with water, mixed with a small quantity of bleach, and a scouring pad. It is important to remember to use only a splash of bleach, otherwise you could cause damage to the paintwork. For gentler stain removal, consider using washing up liquid mixed with water and again, this should come off quite easily.

The next step should be to mop the entire floor with a water and soap mixture, before going over it again with a dry mop to dry it off. It is also worth remembering that when using bleach, always make sure the room is well ventilated.

Alternative Cleaning Methods

If this does not work for cleaning your floor, you may have to try some of the alternative cleaning methods. One such method is to clean using vinegar, or baking soda, to neutralise the stain and draw it from your flooring.

Additionally, you may want to use a strong bleach on a particular stain, or even make use of professional grade cleaning products. Again if you are struggling to clean the floor on your own, there is always the option of calling in professional help. If you do choose this option, beware as professional cleaning services can be very expensive.

Alternatively you could sweep and mop, and then paint over the surface. Try to use a light colour. Although this will require more frequent cleaning as stains and marks will become more obvious, it will help disguise any chips in the paintwork which would otherwise have to be painted over. This way, you can permanently cover any stubborn marks or stains, and leave your floor looking fresh and clean again.

Now that we have discussed how to clean basement floors, you have no excuse for a dirty floor. Although the basement floor is a continual source of problems, by following these tips, you are sure to realise better cleaning results of your own.

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