How to Clean Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tiles are beautiful, durable, and elegant. They are also very easy to clean which makes them an asset to most homes. When deciding how to clean ceramic tile you will need to begin by determining whether the tile is glazed or unglazed. Generally speaking, glazed ceramic tiles are much simpler to clean than unglazed tiles.

Glazed or Unglazed Tiles

Glazed tiles are more prone to repel water and dirt, where unglazed tiles will be more affected by them. When learning how to clean ceramic tile you will discover that unglazed ceramic tiles require a little bit more maintenance then glazed tiles.

To clean unglazed tiles you will need to frequently damp mop and sweep the tiles. You may need to have a consistent daily routine of damp mopping to ensure that your unglazed ceramic tiles remain spot and debris free. Using clean water is the best choice and you should address any spills immediately to prevent your tiles from permanent staining.

Cleaning Grout

From the time your tile floor is first laid to years of enjoyment, knowing how to clean ceramic tile and grout will ensure that your floor remains beautiful and splendid. Grout looks best when clean and stain free and can dramatically reduce the overall appearance of your ceramic tile when it is dirty.

Grout is typically white but it may also be colored. The best way to ensure the longevity of your ceramic tile and grout is to have your tile sealed. You should invest in a grout sealer and seal the grout at least twice a year.

If your grout is white and has stains, you can try cleaning it with a 50/50 solution of hydrogen peroxide and water. Apply the peroxide mixture with an old toothbrush to removes the stain.

How to Clean Ceramic Tile: Home Brews

Some of the best cleaners for your ceramic tile are found in your own home. If you are wondering how to clean ceramic tile and preparing to run to the nearest supply store for harsh chemicals and abrasives, think again. One of the easiest floors to clean is ceramic tile and most tiles require very little more than plain water to maintain its beauty.

You can always buy commercial cleaners that are designed for ceramic tiles as well as use plain tap water for damp mopping. You can make a mixture of 1Cup. White vinegar and a gallon of water will be an ample cleaning solution for mopping your floors.


When discussing how to clean ceramic tile it is important to realize that vacuuming is a vital step to maintaining your tile. You should vacuum loose debris and dust every day to prevent your floor from becoming damaged.

You can use either a small handheld model or a large upright vacuum. Make sure to use attachments if your vacuum comes with any. The attachments are smaller and will not scratch your tiles.

If you prefer to sweep your floors rather than vacuum them, then that is a perfectly acceptable option as well. The main point is that debris left on your floors may damage the tiles and cause harm to your floor. You need to remove dust and debris immediately to prevent any damage to your floor and to maintain and preserve their beauty.

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