How to Clean Mattress Stains

Knowing how to clean mattress stains is a little different than simply finding a good mattress cleaner. Any good upholstery cleaner can be used on a mattress and do an adequate job of cleaning it, but for stains, the experts have another solution. Read on to find out more about cleaning stains and some good, overall general maintenance suggestions for your costly mattress.

First, gather together:

  • a good-quality laundry detergent
  • some cold water (hot water sets most stains!)
  • electric mixer
  • medium-sized bowl
  • soft scrub brush
  • sponge

2) Pour about a quarter of a cup of the dry laundry detergent into the bowl and, while adding cold water a few teaspoons at a time, beat with the electric mixer until you have a bowl full of frothy suds.

3) Skim the froth off the top of the bowl of suds and apply to the targeted stain with the sponge.

4) Using the scrub brush, work the froth into the stain rubbing in a circular motion. The suds should be almost dry and as you work them into the stain, it should gradually disappear. You may have to use several applications.

The best way to dry
your mattress after cleaning it this way is to take it outside and allow the natural warmth and germ-killing powers of the sun to dry it.

If you can leave the mattress out in the sun for an entire day, you will be rewarded with a clean, great-smelling mattress at the end of the day. Be sure and bring it back in the house before the sun sets, however. You do not want the mattress to become damp.

To maintain a mattress, be sure and turn it over and then end over end once a month. Vacuum it every time you vacuum your floors. Keep a good-quality mattress pad on it at all times. And even if your mattress has no stains, a good airing out as mentioned above will keep it smelling fresh for the life of the mattress.

It is simple, inexpensive, and really not that much work, except for hauling the mattress in and out of the house. So do your mattress a favor (and yourself, too!), and keep it smelling better than new with a monthly mattress cleaner program and just a few, regular mattress-maintenance habits.

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