Cleaning Ceramic Tile Made Easy

If you have made the investment in beautiful ceramic tiles, I am fairly certain that you will want to take the necessary steps in protecting them from damage. One way you might be surprised to find out that you can protect them is by changing how you view cleaning ceramic tiles.

Most people simply use their traditional household cleaner or mopping solution. The problem is that the traditional cleaning solutions are often quite acidic. This is not a good combination when it comes to the protection of your ceramic tiles.

The good news is that there are now more options than every before when it comes to cleaning ceramic tiles. The makes of these great cleaning products have finally begun to see that we do not live in a one size fits all universe when it comes to cleaning preferences or needs.

As a result there has been a great introduction of products over the course of the last decade that include cleaning products that are much less harsh and abrasive than products in the past have been.

Safe Cleaning Options

One of the first options is great for every day use when it comes to cleaning ceramic tile. This is a micro fiber mop. You can purchase kits, some include cleaning solutions that are designed specifically for surfaces such as ceramic and others will simply include the mop and a couple of cloths that can be used. Used alone these mops are excellent for daily sweep ups and debris removal.

You must use some sort of cleaning solution in order to achieve deep cleaning however. One thing I really love about these mops is that you can simply toss the cloth into the washer when it is dirty and use it again the next day. Be sure not to use fabric softener however as that will negate the positive effects of the micro fiber for cleaning.

When you need something a little more than the daily going over of your floors, there are some cleaning solutions that are designed specifically for cleaning ceramic tiles. These solutions will not be harsh, abrasive, or acidic in nature and should be perfectly suitable for your floors or even the ceramic tile you may have in your kitchen or bathroom. You should be able to find these products in the cleaning supplies section of most general stores. If you cannot find them there, try your local home improvement store.

Finally, you have the option of simply using a very mild detergent (neutral based and non acidic detergents and soaps work best) if you dilute it well and wipe away any residue immediately.

Some even elect to use the services of a wet dry vacuum in order to remove the water and residue that may be left behind after cleaning with a mild detergent. If you find spots that need a little more vigorous care than others try using a soft bristled brush for scrubbing in order to avoid scratching the surface of your tile.


When cleaning ceramic tiles, the first order of business is protecting your investment. The floors in your home are a serious investment of time, money, and labor for the most part and should not be taken lightly. They can increase or significantly lower the overall value of your home according to the care they are given and their condition.

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