How to Clean Feather Pillows

While feather pillows were once used by everyone today with the new materials available many have turned to hypo-allergenic pillows as they are easier to clean and keep spruced up. Now replacing feather pillows means they can not only be hard to find but those still supplying them find that they now come with a heavy priced tag attached to them.

While new materials have to some extent overtaken feather pillows there are many benefits to having them, those who use them swear that they are more comfortable and can be punched into a shape to fit those who sleep on them much like an old favourite chair fits. However when it comes to cleaning feather pillows they pose a bit of a problem as they cannot just be thrown into the washing machine and dryer.

Rejuvenating and Cleaning your Old Feather Pillows

If it is the cloth of the pillow that is dowdy and dirty then it is possible to take out the feathers by carefully slitting one end of the pillow with a craft knife.

After removing the feathers from the pillow the actual pillowcase can then be thrown into the wash or be hand washed in the sink, once dry you can then re-stuff the pillow with the feathers and thump or shape back into place.

There are some specialist cleaners that will take your old pillows and complete rejuvenate them in special machines aimed at washing feather eiderdowns and pillows.

The actual feathers will be cleaned and dust removed after taking them from the ticking cleaning them and then putting them into new ticking once broken feathers have been removed. However you may only get back 3 out of 4 pillows due to some waste if the cleaner uses this method for cleaning and rejuvenating. This is also a specialist service and as such you can expect to pay a high price for it, however the job a professional can do with your pillows is far superior to actually trying to clean them yourself.

5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Do It Yourself

There are many reasons why you should not attempt to wash feather pillows yourself, shaking them and vacuuming the outer pillow is ok as is sponge washing them lightly. However putting them into the washing machine can be a big mistake and here are some of the main reasons why

    • A home washing machine has what is called an agitator in it, this moves the clothing around inside the machine to ensure that the detergent and water is distributed throughout the clothing. However this will put too much stress on the feather pillow during the washing cycle.

    • Feathers do not react very well to some of the harsh chemicals which can be found in some detergents, chemicals can cause the feathers to become brittle and break.

    • Feather pillows take a lot of drying and while it can be tempting to put them on the fryer cycle this is the worst thing possible for feathers. Again excessive heat will cause the feathers to become brittle.

    • Drying feather pillows can take several hours as they have to dried slowly, feather pillows can become mouldy and start to decompose before they are completely dry which would render them useless

    • Washing in a normal washing machine can leave the feathers clumpy and matted and they can take a long time to fluff up even if at all