Cleaning Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is beautiful, but it can be tricky to keep clean. Use the wrong cleaner and it can leave your floor looking blotchy and even cause some damage. Here is some advice on cleaning laminate flooring.

Some people say that using a solution of vinegar and water does a great job at cleaning their laminate flooring. One suggested use is to add 1/4 cup white vinegar to a spray bottle filled with water and spray on the floor. Wipe off the vinegar- water solution with a mop that has a terrycloth head. This will leave your floor looking clean and shiny.

If the thought of cleaning laminate flooring with a solution that is water based leaves you a little squeamish, consider purchasing a mop made of microfiber. These are designed to pick up dirt and grime and create a shine without the use of added products. You can also purchase a special laminate floor cleaner to use when the laminate flooring needs extra cleaning.

If you want a method that is a little simpler, you can actually use a cloth dampened with a little warm water to clean the laminate flooring, or dampen a terry cloth mop slightly. However, this method requires that you go back over the floor with a dry cloth to get rid of the excess moisture. Water shouldn’t be left to evaporate because it can leave splotches on the floor and cause damage.

Another method to clean laminate flooring that works well is to purchase a cleaning kit. These sometimes come with a cloth to fit over the mop, a floor cleaner, and a polisher. Kits vary so you may want to do a little research to make sure you are finding the best one.

Cleaning laminate flooring can be challenging. There are a few different methods. You can clean the floor with water and a little vinegar or you can use a microfiber mop. You an also clean laminate flooring with warm water, and a purchased floor cleaning kit also works well. Choose the method that works best for you. Everyone’s cleaning style is different.