DIY Cleaning of Marble Flooring

The do it yourself cleaning of marble flooring is a project that offers you tips, tricks on how to remove different types of stains off the marble flooring from tour house. Marble is known to be that type of elegant, sophisticated material that is usually used in the making of floors, countertops, mantles, and other decorative surfaces.

Unfortunately, marble is also a material that can be easily stained, scratched, or discolored. But if you are careful enough, you can make the marble flooring remain as beautiful as in the day you installed it. With the DIY cleaning of marble flooring tips, you can learn how to clean or repair the marble that has not become too dirty, too stained, or too scratched.

Materials Used in the Cleaning of Marble

The do it yourself cleaning of marble flooring project starts from the fact that you should place throw rugs on the marble floor in the areas of intense foot traffic. But marble will get dirty no matter how much you take care of it and no matter how much you try to keep it clean.

The easiest method of cleaning the marble flooring is to wipe the surface with a barely damp clean sponge and then dry the marble floor with a clean cloth. If the floor is extremely dirty, sprinkle a small quantity of dry borax on the surface of the marble floor, clean the surface with a clean dam cloth and then rinse with clear, warm water.

DIY cleaning of marble flooring also can use some tips on how you can remove stains that remained after you tried to clean the marble floor. What you should do is to see what type of stain we are talking about.

If the stain is rust, then make a thick paste of whiting and liquid rust remover and let it remain on the surface of the marble flooring for about three hours. Then remove the paste with a damp sponge until the marble is completely rinsed.

If the stain is of oil origin make a paste with whiting and acetone, and if the stain has been caused by food, mix whiting with a few drops of peroxide and household ammonia. In both cases, put the mixture on the stain and cover it with plastic wrap sealed on the edges for several hours. Then, clean the area with a sponge and rinse it with water.

Recover the Shine of Your Marble Flooring

But cleaning your marble flooring in an excessive manner can make the look of the marble appear dull due to the lack of shine. But the shine can be restored by using marble polish that you can find in any store.

What you have to do is to mix the marble polish with the appropriate amount of water and rub the surface of the floor with a clean cloth. Then buff the marble flooring until the shine is restored. This is only one tip that DIY cleaning of marble flooring project is offering to you when referring to the restoring of the shine of your marble flooring.

There are other tricks and tips that you can take into consideration when you start the DIY cleaning of marble flooring project. In order to remove the stains from your marble flooring use sandpaper, the size of the piece depending on how deep the stain is. If, by accident, you scratch the marble, use wet sandpaper to polish the surface of the flooring.

But, all in all, the best way of keeping your marble flooring clean is by using lukewarm water on a clean cloth. The marble has to be completely wiped dry after you cleaned it. This method is applied when you stain the marble floor with coffee, tea, blood, food, and so on, but you have to add 20% hydrogen peroxide to the water in which to soak the cloth.