Cleaning Storm Windows

Storm windows are wonderful at saving energy in your home throughout the entire year. Many people think about their storm windows during the cooler months of the year.

Typically, cleaning storm windows is done at the beginning of the cooler months. Did you know that you can clean your storm windows during the spring months? Here are some handy tips to help you with cleaning storm windows.

Plan Ahead

It is important to plan ahead that you are going to clean your storm windows. Depending on how many windows are in your home will determine just how long the project will take.

Many homeowners do not plan enough time and end up not completing all the windows. You do not have to pay someone to clean these windows for you if you plan ahead and allow plenty of time to complete the project.

Dry Cleaning the Outside Portion of the Windows

Prior to hitting the windows with the water from the hose, use a broom to brush them off. If you use a ladder make certain that someone is standing beneath it or at the very minimum let a household member know that you are outside on the ladder.

Gently brush off as much dust and grime as you can from the windows. Once this is complete, take a large white towel that you can bleach when the project is down and wrap it around the broom handle.

Wipe the entire outside of the storm window to remove further grime that is present on the window. Repeat this with each window for your home on the outside.

Wet Cleaning the Outside Portion of the Windows

Cleaning the outside portion of the storm windows does not have to be cumbersome. You can purchase a hose attachment to put on the end of your garden watering hose. This attachment will hold your detergent for cleaning the storm windows.

If you don’t want to purchase a special window cleaning agent, a mild liquid dishwashing soap will also do the job well. Some people use a small amount of diluted liquid detergent for washing clothes. The main thing is to have a mild detergent that will mix in with the water from the hose.

Use a downward motion with the hose water and rinse the window well prior to opening the soap dispenser attachment. Once the window has been rinsed with clear water, open the soap dispenser attachment and spray the storm window in a downward and sideways motion several times.

Close the soap dispenser attachment and rinse the window in a downward spray with clear water from the hose. Repeat this with each window for your home on the outside.

Cleaning the Inside Portion of the Windows

Use a clean rag to dust the window sill, trimming and edges. You can lightly dampen a cloth with a solution of one part lemon juice per four parts water. This will clean grime and dust that has collected since the last cleaning.

Next, you will use a wet cloth to wipe the frame of the window. Finish the window with a window cleaning solution for the glass part of the storm window.

Repeat this to finish cleaning storm windows in your home. You will have nice and clean windows to enjoy for many months without having to pay a professional for their services.

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