Cleaning Under Appliances

When cleaning in the home it can be easy to forget about cleaning under appliances. The appliance itself might be sparklingly clean, even looking as if it’s brand new. The surfaces and floor around the appliance will also be spotless - but what dirt and grime might be lurking underneath the appliance?

Quite often the only thought about needing to clean underneath appliances can be a sudden awareness of a not too wholesome smell coming from underneath it/them. Considering the multitude of things that can be dropped onto the floor of a kitchen, cleaning underneath kitchen appliances is especially important.

Cleaning the Underneath of an Appliance

It’s not just a question of cleaning the floor underneath an appliance - you also need to consider the bottom of the appliance itself. To establish if there is any dirt adhering to the underneath of the body of the appliance, will require you to get down to the floor level and physically look at the underneath of the appliance.

Whilst you might be able to clean the floor under an appliance without actually seeing it you will not be able to clean the underneath of an appliance without seeing what you’re doing. You should at least check the underneath of the appliance for dirt.

There’s no point in having a thoroughly cleaned floor under an appliance, only for dirt to then drop off the underneath of the appliance soon after you’ve cleaned the floor. Generally speaking using any household cleaning detergent will be sufficient to clean the underneath of an appliance. If that doesn’t work then you could try using one of the stronger household cleaning materials like those with anionic surfactants. If you do need to use anything stronger than a normal detergent - read the manufacturers instructions and follow the correct usage procedures.

Cleaning the Floor Under an Appliance

The first thing to do is to remove any loose material on the floor underneath the appliance. Bearing in mind that if you’ve just finished cleaning the actual underneath of the appliance itself, the floor may well be wet - you might find this is most easily done by wiping a damp cloth underneath the appliance. However, presuming the floor under the appliance to be dry you could set about cleaning underneath the appliance in the following way.

Using either a brush or vacuum cleaner, remove the loose dirt/material from under the appliance. After that, even if the floor were to look clean, it’s advisable to ‘wash’ the floor with an appropriate cleaner. If the appliance is in a kitchen or utility area it may well be on a vinyl or tiled floor.

So, using a detergent based floor cleaner should be sufficient to do the job. Again, it’s advisable to get down physically and do the cleaning by hand with cloths and scrubbing brushes as required. Whilst a mop can undoubtedly be pushed under the appliance you really still need to be able to see what you’re doing - and be able to tell that the job has been done.

If the appliance is standing on a carpeted area, then you’ll need to use a carpet cleaning fluid. Dependant on the type of carpet and the dirt/staining on it; you might be able to use a hand held carpet cleaning fluid that can be worked in with a cloth or brush.

For more stubborn staining and dirt you may need to hire a vacuum carpet cleaning system that can be used with a cleaning fluid. If the appliance is standing on a wooden floor then after cleaning it with the appropriate detergents or chemicals, make sure you re-apply a coating of floor wax, to help protect the floor in the future.