Converting a Closet to a Half Bath

Remodeling your home serves several purposes. For one thing, it can make your house more comfortable as well as more aesthetically pleasing. For another thing, doing things like converting a closet to a half bath may even add to the value of your home. The first is something subjective, something that is entirely up to you, but the second thing depends on several things.

To Convert or Not

First off, converting a closet to a half bath should be done only if there is a true need for more restroom facilities in your home. Keep in mind that closets exist generally as a highly prized commodity in a house and taking one out should be done only with the utmost consideration.

Of course, if you can overcome any ensuing lack of closet space with something like an armoire or a chiffarobe in which to put clothing, you will be okay. If you already have a glut of closet space, of course, then, using one to make into a half bath poses no problem at all.

Situations in which converting a closet to a half bath might be imperative include not having any facilities on one floor of a two-or-more-storied home. One family built a second story to their three-bedroom ranch and found the kids dwelling in the second-floor bedrooms had to go up and down stairs (that invariably squeak, no matter what you do) during the night to get to the bathroom.

This not only kept the rest of the family up at night from the noisy stairs, but it also posed a potentially dangerous situation with the boys falling down the stairs in a state of sleepiness. A little-used closet area of the second-floor addition proved to be an enormous convenience and sleep-saver. Plus, Mom no longer worried about sleepy-headed boys falling down stairs.

Make Sure the Closet is Big Enough

Another thing to keep in mind when converting a closet to a half bath means ensuring enough room for necessary pipes. A closet can only be so small for it to be utilized as a bathroom. You need to factor in at least six to eight inches from the wall to which you are planning on having your plumbing be connected to water lines. If your chosen closet wont be able to handle that on top of the space needed for at least a toilet, you either need to scrap the project or select another closet. Or use space from some other room.

Conversions = Big $

The final thing you need to keep in mind is cost. Converting a closet to a half bath does not come cheap, as does any room conversion. Unless you know how to do the plumbing yourself, you will need to contract a pro. At the least, you are looking at $50 to $75 an hour for his/her time. And even if you do wind up doing the plumbing yourself, most cities require that you get the plumbing work inspected for health and safety reasons.

Converting a closet to a half bath may or may not be a good idea. But as long as you take the time to think about it before you start busting out walls, you are off on the right foot.