Closet Organizers

For the "stuff" collectors amongst us, what would we do without closet organizers? To people like us, good storage ideas are worth their weight in gold, and organizing tips are held in the highest esteem. So if you're one who finds yourself in the middle of a mess that you don't want to throw away but you just don't know what on earth to do with it all, read on for some closet storage and "stuff" survival advice that'll make your life a whole lot easier and, well, get you more organized!

Closet organizers abound online and at brick-and-mortar retail stores all over the place. You can buy one this way or you can save yourself some money by building one (or more!) yourself. Here's how:

Locate the studs in your closet walls and measure the distance between them. These will be where you hang your brackets to hold shelves, the shelving sides, and rods for hanging clothes.

Design your closet organizers to accommodate both short and long clothing, and allow three inches between the bottoms of clothes hanging on the top rod and those clothes hanging on the bottom rod.

After hanging your brackets where you want your shelves, go ahead and install them. If making them yourself, be sure and paint them first! Now attach sides to your shelves making sure they're attached to brackets that have been screwed to wall studs.

Use rod brackets attached with one-inch screws to attach to the shelving walls. Then put the rods in place.

You can now install drawers if you wish, or leave the open space available for larger items. You can always add drawers later on if necessary by adding runners to the sides or bottoms of the shelving units.

Now that you've got your closet organizer, you need to do the really hard part - organizing it! Throw out things you haven't worn in one year, that no longer fit, and that you wouldn't wear again if somebody paid you. It's difficult, but you can do it! The less you have, the less you have to organize.

The rest is easy. Simply put your necessary clothing, shoes, belts, and bags back into your closet (which now boasts a bona fide closet organizer!) and relax. You're done!

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