Installing Closet Storage Systems

Installing closet storage systems is a worthwhile project for a number of reasons. Primarily this project is worthwhile because it can help to make the home more organized. Most closet space can be made much more efficient through the installation of storage systems. By providing additional shelving and drawers the space becomes much more useful as a storage area.

The installation of storage systems can also add value to the home if you intend to sell the home in the near future. Those who are viewing the house will look more favorably on a home with so many storage capabilities. Although there are many contractors who install these types of systems in closets, this article will provide information for do-it-yourselfers who want to tackle this project on their own.

Choosing Closet Storage Systems

Most home improvement stores offer a variety of options for closet organizer systems. There can be an overwhelming number of choices. Before making a decision carefully measure your closet space. This will help you to eliminate any options which will not fit in your available space and will help you to choose elements which will function well in your closet.

Next consider the types of items you will be storing in your closet storage systems. This will also dictate the types of elements you choose. For example, many systems contain options for shoe racks which are useful for homeowners who have many shoes. These systems also usually offer options of drawers, shelving and clothing bars.

Before purchasing any of these items it is wise to sketch out a design for the closet to ensure you will be able to use each of the pieces you purchase. Once you have an idea in mind it is time to start buying components. Be sure to select items from the same brand because this will make it easier to for the items to fit together. It will also make the closet look more cohesive.

Installing Closet Storage Systems

The process of installing closet storage systems is usually not a difficult one but it is also not one that can be summed up in a few simple steps. This is because the exact installation instructions will vary depending on a number of factors including the elements you select, the brand you select and the confines of your workspace.

This article will instead offer a few general guidelines for installing these closet systems. Those reading this article should consider the general guidelines offered below and use them in conjunction with the detailed instructions provided by the manufacturer of the system they select.

    - Thoroughly clean the closet before installing a storage system. It is best to work with an open space so consider removing everything from the closet and storing it in another location while you are working.
    - Consider repainting the closet during this time. This step is not necessary but it is highly recommended. When your closet is completely empty there will be no obstructions to the painting process so it is a good opportunity to accomplish this task.
    - Carefully read all manufacturers instructions before beginning the process. This is the most important step because failure to do so can lead to costly mistakes which can make the process more difficult.
    - Next assemble all necessary tools before beginning the project. This will prevent you from being interrupted during the course of the project or from being caught without the necessary tools during a crucial step.
    - Work from the back of the closet forward. In installing components consider where you want to place each element and start from the back to avoid having to maneuver past elements which are already installed. Although this is generally recommended there may be times when it makes more sense to install other elements first. Just be careful to examine the ramifications of installing each piece to be sure you are not left with pieces that cannot be properly installed.

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