Coffee Stain Removal Tips

Coffee stains are notoriously stubborn, and there are many old wives tales about the best ways to shift them. In this article, we will look at some of the best, tried and tested methods for coffee stain removal from soft furnishings and carpet, as well as from surfaces like counter tops and tables.

Removing Stains From Clothing

It is so easy to spill coffee on clothing, but it's not nearly as easy to get it out! Coffee stain removal from clothing requires a great deal of persistence, but also a sensible approach. Firstly, take the garment and run it under cold water on the inside over the stain, i.e. the back of the stain. This should definitely loosen it off.

Next apply some detergent to the stained area and allow to stand for around seven to eight minutes, or up to half an hour if the stain has been there a while. The next step to coffee stain removal is to thoroughly rinse the detergent, and to soak in lukewarm water for around twenty minutes. After that, wash the clothes as you normally would, and the stain should have disappeared. If it hasn't disappeared, simply repeat the process a few more times until it does.

Removing Coffee Stains from Carpet

This method of removing coffee stains from carpets and soft furnishings has been around for decades. Traditionally passed from generation to generation, this method is still as effective today as it has ever been.

Firstly, mix a dash of a mild detergent (without bleach) and a cup of water. The water should be warm, but not hot.

Allow this to sit for about thirty seconds, and blot with a cloth or towel. Take about two fifths of a cup of vinegar and dilute by filling the rest of the cup with water, and apply to the stained area.

Again, leave this to stand for around a minute, and then dab with your cloth. Finally, apply clean water to the area with a damp cloth, scrubbing if necessary, and that should be the stain gone. Finally, let's look at coffee stain removal from hard surfaces like counter tops.

Removing Stains from the Counter Top

Finding coffee rings on the counter top, or table is a common occurrence. Most of the time you will be able to remove the stain quickly with a damp cloth, although if you miss it, it can be a real challenge to remove later.

Coffee stain removal from a hard surface like this doesn't have to be a nightmare. Simply apply a mild, non-bleaching detergent to the area. Next, liberally apply baking soda, which will work at the stain. If this doesn't work, you should try rubbing vinegar into the stain, which should do the trick.

Coffee stains can be particularly hard to remove, but are unfortunately a part of our everyday lives. By catching the stains before they dry, you will stand a much better chance of complete and efficient removal.

If the stains do end up drying, don't worry. Household items like vinegar and egg yolk work wonders on the stains, and can remove even tough old stains in no time. Just make sure you test on a small area of your carpet or work top first, to minimise the risk of permanently discolouring around the stain.

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