Coleman Generators - Power During Inclement Weather

Ice and snow can knock down power lines and leave you powerless. Especially if you live in the country, it may be awhile before the electricity comes back on. This can be extremely inconvenient, especially if you rely on electricity for your work. A Coleman generator is a valuable back-up source of power for those times of power outage. You can choose a Coleman generator in one of three levels of power - premium, premium plus, and professional.

The smaller premium Coleman generator models are recommended for occasional and recreational use. The smallest model is the Pulse 1850, and is useful for having power while camping. This Coleman generator, however, is not recommended as a standby source of power for a household.

Standby Power

The Maxa 5000 ER is the smallest model of Coleman generator recommended for standby power. It features an electronic ignition and 6 hours of run time, and costs about $450 from Ace Hardware Stores. The Premium Plus is recommended for backup power. This Coleman generator costs about $650. A midsized hardworking Coleman generator, like the Premium Plus 500, will be best for back up power and can also be used to power tools when remodeling the house or building a new one.

When choosing a Coleman generator, it is important to consider the purpose it will be used for. Small generators for recreational purposes are good for picnics and tailgate parties. In the event of a power outage, however, a small generator, like the Pulse 1850, will only power one or two appliances in your home. The small gas tank would have to be frequently refilled, too.

A large, professional model might be needed by a contractor, but is not necessary for a household seeking back up power. The professional models of Coleman generator are valuable to construction contractors as a source of power for their tools. They feature powerful engines made by Honda.

The wattage of a Coleman generator is another indicator useful in choosing one. A mid-sized generator of 4000 to 5000 watts will keep the refrigerator and the sub pump going. A larger Coleman generator of 6000 to 9000 watts will provide power for many appliances in the home. The largest portable generators of more than 10,000 watts can restore power to a small home.