Commercial Kitchen Faucets

Even in standard kitchens, faucets get a lot of use. Faucets in commercial kitchens suffer from even more wear and tear. It is no surprise that commercial kitchen faucets have been designed to be stronger and longer lasting than standard faucets. Of course, just because they are industrial strength, there is no reason why commercial kitchen faucets cannot be attractive.

Most commercial kitchen faucets are stainless steel, which is a material that is easy to clean and sterilize. Stainless steel also wears well. However, you can find a few faucets made with other materials, as well.

When you are shopping for commercial kitchen faucets, there are a few important things that you should look for. Of course, any commercial faucet should have a spray attachment. This attachment makes washing fruits and vegetables so much easier. In addition, look for faucets that have a good warranty.

Since these faucets are so expensive, it is worth paying just a bit more for one with a longer warranty that is a bit more complete and covers more problems. Also, you may want to take a close look at the hot and cold knobs or lever. Separate knobs for hot and cold water are often a bit hard to adjust so that you have the perfect water temperature.

Once you decide which of the many commercial kitchen faucets is right for you, you simply install your faucet and start rinsing off your dishes, right? Well, although you can simply swap your old faucet for the new model, you may want to do a bit of investigative work first. Take a look under the sink and check to be sure that both the cold and hot water pipes have cut off valves on them.

These valves make plumbing repairs much easier and enable you to do maintenance on the faucets without cutting off the water supply to the rest of the building. Remember, faucets can occasionally develop annoying drips, which are only stopped when the faucet washers are replaced. With shut off valves in place, even people who are not terribly handy with a wrench can feel confident attempting this repair. After all, if it turns out they cannot complete the job, the only thing that is out of commission until the plumber arrives is one sink.