Air Compressor Pressure Washer Attachment Rigs

Until you get your hands on an air compressor pressure washer attachment, its hard to fathom just how many practical uses for which this tool can be employed. For instance, for the prep work of stripping old paint and dirt off a house; getting ready to restore the look of an older, faded backyard deck; or for the showroom-clean look sought after when detailing a car, high-pressure cleaning is the way to go. Even comparatively easy jobs like cleaning out roof guttering goes a lot faster when using a pressure washer.

Where to Buy or Rent

An air compressor pressure washer attachment can be found online at a number of retail home-and-garden equipment sites that feature power tools, or you can purchase or rent one at hardware stores or home improvement centers. Some online retailers that sell pressure washers include,, and Brick-and-mortar sellers include Wal-Mart, Sears, Home Depot, and Lowes.

In addition to new rigs, both online and offline sellers also offer used and reconditioned equipment considerably discounted from new rigs. Some even offer limited warranties on pressure washers that have been factory reconditioned. Do not immediately discount buying a pressure washer online because of fear of high shipping rates. Oftentimes, Web sites offer free or extremely reduced shipping for items over a certain amount.

The decision to buy or rent depends on several factors. If you are a real handy person, someone who is always working around the house building, repairing, cleaning, then it may pay you to go ahead and buy an air compressor pressure washer attachment rig. On the other hand, if you are the type that a once-a-year driveway hose-down is a huge event in your life, renting one for the day would most likely be the more economical way to go. Daily rental of an air compressor along with the pressure washer attachment usually runs about a hundred dollars a day.


The pounds per square inch (PSI) and gallons per minute (GPM) of an air compressor pressure washer attachment rig determine its power, the amount of water produced, and how hard and fast the water comes out. It stands to reason that if you are a heavy-duty user, you want to purchase the most powerful rig at the best price you can find.

If you do not really need a super-high-powered pressure washer, but could use more power than that provided by a simple spray nozzle, the smaller units may suit your needs perfectly. A quick price comparison online found ranges varying from around $85 for an electric-powered, 1400 PSI, portable rig all the way up to a 3,000 PSI gasoline-engine-powered rig that goes for $854.

Stand-Alone or Attachments

All the above air compressor pressure washer attachment units are stand-along models. You can also buy a separate air compressor all by itself that you use to run all kinds of air-powered tools in addition to using a pressure washer attachment: pneumatic drills, hammers, spray guns, grinders, etc. Since these types of tools are usually reserved for commercial use, we only mention them here to make the reader aware that you can purchase an air compressor that runs a number of other tools.

Purchasing an air compressor pressure washer attachment rig can save you time and effort. But make sure you really need it year round before shelling out the money. Rentals are just as good for a fraction of the cost. Its up to you and your needs.