Concrete Driveway Resurfacing

For driveway crack repair, getting rid of surface stains like oil or grease, or for a completely new look using colored asphalt, you may want to look into the ins and outs of concrete driveway resurfacing. Be prepared to spend anywhere from three to seven dollars per square foot, depending on what type surface you select, and factor in at least a couple of days to park your vehicle(s) somewhere else and keep all foot and bicycle traffic off the area.

In addition to colored asphalt, optional surfaces include brick, cobblestone, flagstone, and more. Designs can be introduced into the design as well as an array of different motifs for accenting borders along the sides. Planning well in advance of buying materials or calling a contractor makes sense both financially and, in the end, knowing exactly what you will be getting.

Limitations do exist for resurfacing a driveway. There cannot be severe, down-to-the-soil cracking present, heaving (where the ground has pushed the concrete up making it significantly higher than the surrounding surfaces), or where the driveway surface has been damaged due to underlying soil conditions or freezing and thawing conditions.

An improper preparation or erosion of the subgrade can nullify the success of resurfacing. In these cases, the existing driveway must be completely rebuilt to solve these type problems.

But for problems where driveway crack repair can be successfully accomplished, it must first be cleaned, the cracks repaired, the surface primed, and finally, resurfacing can then be performed. At this point, your choice of colored asphalt or other products comes into play and with each type surface, you will need to research or consult a professional on how to install.

Driveway resurfacing can pay off in many ways. A home with an attractive driveway as opposed to one that is cracked, with weeds growing through, one that is stained, or just a plain-Jane driveway, can make or break the curb appeal so critical in selling a home. So give it some serious thought. Not only can a resurfaced driveway affect the way your home looks, in some instances, it can affect your pocketbook.

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