Concrete Fence Posts

Using a concrete fence post in lieu of wood or plastic means never replacing fence posts again. And now, not only can you get lifetime use from your fence posts, but you can get a concrete fence post in designer styles!

At, you'll find not only whatever style concrete fence post appeals to you, but five different styles of designer concrete fences. Under the brand names of Woodcrete, Brickcrete, Cedarcrete, Fencestone, and Woodcrete Rail, this site carries products delightfully different from what you'd expect in a concrete fence post and fencing.

With Designer Concrete's Woodcrete product, you get the realistic look of ship-lapped wood in both a concrete fence post and the accompanying fencing material. Additionally, this product withstands time and the elements with custom-colored, steel-reinforced concrete.

The company's Brickcrete, like the name suggests, comes in a pre-cast concrete fence post and panel that looks remarkably identical to old or aged brick. Emulating the time-honored look found on architecturally traditional brick buildings, this fencing material comes in a variety of colors. Even a color separation to delineate mortar lines between the 'bricks' makes this concrete fence post and fencing product not only an economical and everlasting alternative, but also surprisingly attractive.

Cedarcrete concrete fence post and panel options come manufactured with tongue-in-groove joints that provide a deep overlap. These products make excellent privacy fencing alternatives to wood and last years longer with none of the maintenance.

Designer Concrete's Fencestone concrete fence post and panel products give the appearance of a dry-stacked, ledge-stone wall. At a fraction of the cost of real stone, Fencestone comes complete with the clefts, crevices, and custom-stained coloration that give it an amazing similarity to rock.

Concrete fence post and panel products in the Woodcrete Rail line features wood-grained texture and distinctively mitered fence post tops. Offered with two, three, or four rails, you can choose the height of your concrete fence post and panel fencing to suit your needs.

Concrete fence post and panel products may just be the answer you're looking for when considering your next fencing project. With all the benefits and none of the detriments of wood, it just makes darn good sense.