Concrete Floor Paint Tips

The use of concrete floor paint is warranted in so many different applications. Concrete floor paint may be used in just about any situation where concrete floors are installed. Just a few of the common applications for concrete floors are warehouses and storerooms where durability is the most important characteristic in the floor, animal boarding facilities where floors receive high levels of animal traffic and require frequent cleanings and in unfinished basements.

Some homeowner may even opt for concrete floors throughout their home in a variety of situation. A few examples include homeowners who have several large dogs, homeowners who frequently engage in messy activities such as snowboarding or hiking or those who have unusual high traffic areas for any particular reason.

In any of these cases, painting the concrete floors might be desired. It is, however, important to note that sealing and painting are different activities. Sealing involves applying a waterproof solution to the floors while painting only applies to the introduction of color.

Preparing to Apply Concrete Floor Paint

There are several steps involved in the process of applying concrete floor paint. The first step in the process involves preparing the concrete surface by thoroughly cleaning it. On a previously untreated surface, the cleaning process is limited to sweeping the floors and vacuuming up all dust.

In the case where the concrete floor was previously painted, a chemical solution should be used to completely remove the existing layer of paint before applying a new coat of paint. Also, if there are any existing stains on the floor, these should be removed by using a cleaner and degreaser.

The next step in applying concrete floor paint is to prepare the surface by making it rough enough to allow the paint to adhere properly. There are commercially available acids which can be used to treat the surface of concrete floors which are extremely smooth. Applying these acids will give the floor the texture of a fine grit sandpaper ensuring the paint will adhere.

Applying Concrete Paint

Now that the surface has been properly prepared, it is time to apply the concrete floor paint. When applying the first coat of paint to the concrete floors it is important to thin the paint with one pint of water per gallon of paint.

Next be sure to thoroughly stir the paint before beginning to apply the paint and continue to stir the paint periodically throughout the painting process. Use a brush when applying the first coat of paint because using a brush will enable the paint to adhere more forcefully than it would if a roller was used.

After applying the first coat of concrete floor paint, allow the paint to dry for at least four hours. After this time, a second coat of paint may be applied. During the application of the second coat, it is not necessary to dilute the paint. It is also not necessary to use a brush to apply the paint. A roller may be used for this application if preferred.

After applying the second coat of concrete floor paint, it is necessary to allow the paint to dry. The amount of time required for drying will involve a number of factors including temperature and humidity. However, under normal conditions, the floor will be considered dry enough for minor foot traffic. Heavy foot traffic is permissible after 24 hours but car traffic requires five days of drying time.

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