Concrete Foundation Cracks

Concrete foundation cracks can be an expensive problem to fix, especially if you need to hire someone to fix the problem. Many homeowners have tried to fix concrete foundation cracks on their own and have come up with a number of different tips to make the process easier and much more efficient. It is estimated that a homeowner can save as much as half of the cost of having concrete foundation cracks repaired by doing the work themselves.

Concrete foundation cracks not only undermine the structural integrity of the home, but can be dangerous to the homeowners as well. In many cases, the cracks in the concrete foundation will allow water to enter into the home, which can result in the growth of mold or fungi and can create health problems for the individuals in the home. If the mold is allowed to continue growing unchecked, it could result in a hazardous situation and a much more expensive clean up.

Concrete foundation cracks can appear anywhere that a concrete slab has been used as part of the foundation. In many homes, this means the floor and walls of their basement. Individuals that have a finished basement will need to monitor the condition of their basement carefully as cracks in the foundation will not be noticeable beneath carpeting or behind the paneling on the walls.

Repairing Concrete Foundation Cracks

There are several different methods that can be used for repairing concrete foundation cracks, depending on the size of the crack. For cracks that are small and thin, there is a very quick and easy way for the homeowner to repair the crack on their own. The items that will be needed are a small wire brush and some concrete caulk.

First, the wire brush should be used to remove any dirt or other particles from the crack in the foundation. Water can be used to flush any additional particles out of the crack, but the crack must be allowed to dry completely before the next step is taken. The concrete caulk should be used to fill the crack completely and the excess caulk should be removed from the face of the foundation to create a smooth, uniform appearance.

If the concrete foundation cracks are a little larger than the ones mentioned above, the method of repair is the same but the concrete caulk should be replaced with a concrete patching material. These lime-stone based patching agents can generally be found in local home improvement stores and the stores agents will be able to instruct you one which agent is the best for your needs.

If Cracks Are Large

If the cracks cover a significant portion of the foundation or are too large to be filled properly, you may have no other option than to hire an expensive repair service to handle the issue. Be sure that the company chosen is a reputable one and that they have gotten good reviews from friends or family members that have used their services. The foundation of your home is very important to the structural stability of the home and if the foundation is compromised, the entire home is in danger.

The individuals at the company that you choose should be polite, professional, and have experience in repairing concrete foundations. To get the best value, the services of several different contractors should be compared and estimates should be obtained from each to compare prices. The cheapest price is not always the indication of the best value as some contractors will cut corners to lower their prices without lowering their profit.