Adjustable Concrete Foundation Piers

Steel-reinforced adjustable concrete foundation piers rate at the top of the list for ensuring the best type of foundation stability for your home. Some of the signs indicating a need for a better foundation footing include:

  • brick and/or mortar cracking
  • separation of siding from windows or doors
  • signs of chimneys being pulled away from the body of the house

Inside the home, you may notice sheetrock cracking, nails coming out near the ceiling, doors and windows not opening and closing properly, and floors that slope.

Known also as friction piers, adjustable concrete foundation piers are drilled 9 to 12 feet deep into the earth beneath the part of the foundation that needs stabilizing. Capped with a steel-reinforced top, the piers are set uniformly spaced, most often at 6-foot centers around the perimeter of the foundation footing at the site of settling.

Using hydraulic jacks that have been situated on the foundation pier caps, the foundation is then raised to the proper level to accommodate the weight of the house. After blocks of solid concrete have been set between the foundation footing and the pier cap, steel spacers are used as shims to fit between the concrete blocks and the foundation.

These deep-drilled concrete piers make adjustments feasible in the event of any future movement because of the attached hydraulic jacks, giving them an important advantage over traditional types of foundation repair strategies.

Widely recommended by structural engineers, adjustable concrete foundation piers provide many years of maintenance-free stability. Entities providing loans for home and foundation repairs such as the Veterans Administration, Federal Housing Authority, and conventional lenders readily accept this type of foundation repair approach, plus it ranks as the most cost-effective method of repairing foundation footing on the market.

Experts warn, however, that no amount of foundation footing repair can overcome the effects of poor drainage around a home. So before you consider foundation problems, investigate any source of drainage problems and alleviate those first. Adjustable concrete piers can remedy a home foundation’s woes, but only if the source of the damage can be successfully addressed.

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