Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets Reflect Today’s Love for Entertaining

White cabinet in contemporary kitchenThere’s a vast range of contemporary kitchen cabinets out there. You can find designs in many different colors, with lots of diverse finishing touches. Homeowners who opt away from the traditional look enjoy the simplicity and unclutteredness of the contemporary style. The clean, sharp lines and tidy right angles are often trademark features, but there is a great deal of flexibility as well. The materials used are up to the minute, with special quirks employed so that, like the owners, each kitchen has a personality all its own.

Modern Slants on Traditional Materials

Contemporary kitchen cabinets usually combine many materials whereas something traditional tends to feature a particular wood, laminate or other finish. Marrying together stainless steel with glass, chrome with slate or high sheen paint with totally modern plastics is the idea.

As with all decorating trends, fashions come and go even within a single season. The onslaught of TV chefs plying their wares brought about a huge desire for stainless steel countertops and backsplashes, an ultra-modern, highly practical addition to a brand new home, or even as a slick enhancement to an old home under renovation.

Materials in Flux

Where stainless steel dips in popularity, along comes glass. Stunningly attractive and amazingly easy to keep clean, glass adds an eloquent touch to contemporary kitchen cabinets. It’s possible to order it in custom colors, have it installed in large sections or small, meaning a seamless installation, and it’s durable for all surfaces. Glass countertops can be echoed in glass cabinet panels and with the right lighting, looks absolutely superb.

You’ll find that contemporary kitchen cabinets often don’t feature moldings, as these are more suited to a traditional finish. Instead of wasted space atop eye level cabinets, you’ll see heights soaring to the ceiling, another way to create a seamless appearance. Rather than placing treasured kitchen ornaments out for eye appeal, the cabinets themselves are the focal point of beauty.

The Importance of Functionality

Especially considering that contemporary kitchens are installed in homes of ever-decreasing size, the cabinets have to be compact and yet still spacious enough to house all the essential utensils, dinnerware, pots and pans. Contemporary kitchen cabinets are ideal for those one-bedroom apartments because they fill all possible gaps without taking up valuable living space.

Still, even in a large, sprawling home, there is call for beauty, function and good design. When you have an abundance of space, you can do with it what you want. Here, the desire for contemporary kitchen cabinets is aesthetic and not just with a mind for functionality. The sky is the limit where looks are concerned. Even traditional materials such as wood and laminate can be brought into the 21st century with sleek new designs and bold new colors.

The Total Look

Whatever style of contemporary kitchen cabinets are chosen, there are accessories and other complementary elements to suit. A kitchen can be a design element all its own and from there, the central theme radiates. What’s chosen for the cabinets will dictate the floor treatments, what’s on the walls, the kind of countertops, the style of knobs, faucets, sink and electrical fittings.

History of Kitchen Design

Traditionally, say back in the 1950’s, the kitchen was tucked away out of sight behind bi-folding louver doors. Open plan concepts began to be introduced in the late 60’s and by the 80’s, kitchens that fully integrated into the living areas of the home were commonplace. Contemporary kitchen cabinets take their cues from lessons learned a couple of decades ago. An attractive, functional environment makes food preparation and entertaining easy and a true delight.

As the trend towards ‘kitchen living’ continues, outdoor spaces for cooking, eating and entertaining are making big inroads. In fact, contemporary kitchen cabinets for the outdoors are also becoming popular products among manufacturers. Huge, comprehensive barbecues that are more like stoves complete with rotisseries, deep fryers, wok burners and ovens are replacing the old 4-burner gas barbecue that long ago had its day.

You can now buy cabinets perfectly suited to the outdoors, another way to introduce seamless design into a home for greater enjoyment. With the kitchen now one of the most lived-in areas of the home, is it any wonder that consumers are turning to contemporary concepts for their design ideas?

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Photo by Dan Foy/creativeCommons