Copper Kitchen Backsplash

Installing a copper kitchen backsplash can take your cooking area to the nth degree as far as style is concerned! It's a perfect match with a new copper kitchen sink. You can design your own with an original custom design, or you can purchase one ready made and maybe even costing the same or even less, depending on how elaborate a design you want on your copper kitchen backsplash.

Make Your Own

If you choose to do it yourself, you can make a copper kitchen backsplash fairly easily. After measuring (measure twice, copper sheeting is expensive!) and cutting, file the edges down smoothly. Wear goggles or other protective eyewear during filing to prevent getting metal splinters in the eyes.

Using adhesive caulk specially made for metals instead of nails or screws, attach the copper flashing to the area you wish to cover. You can leave the copper plain or with a little practice, create your own design on it before you attach it to the wall.

Care and Cleaning

For those who wish to keep the pristine, shiny look to a copper kitchen backsplash, several options exist. For a temporary measure, clean it fairly regularly with a no-scratch cleanser like Barkeeper's Friend. Rubbing lemon juice mixed with salt also provides an inexpensive way to keep your backsplash bright.

To help hide fingerprints and eschew natural oxidation (what makes a patina) more permanently, apply several coats of lacquer. This method lasts longer, but still must be done periodically to keep the sheen on your copper kitchen backsplash.


Over time, an unlacquered, unpolished copper kitchen backsplash acquires an interesting, and attractive patina. The copper darkens into several shades of brown ranging from its original, coppery salmon to rich, chocolate brown. Most copper also develops splashes of green. Leaving off the sealing lacquer additionally allows your copper kitchen backsplash to retain its bacteria-fighting properties.

A copper kitchen backsplash makes a great style statement with or without its patina. This is one project sure to make a homeowner proud. So go ahead and look into just how much a copper kitchen backsplash can add to your kitchen decor. You will only wish you had done it sooner!