Cordless Powered Caulk Gun Choices

We are all familiar with the standard caulk gun. Practically every workshop has one tucked away somewhere and most individuals have had to wield the tool at some point or another. There are jobs that a regular trigger gun won't do you any good and can end up being a headache to use, especially if you are aiming for home renovations.

Cordless powered caulk guns are useful when you have a large project in the works, such as gluing a sub floor or when using a material thicker than caulking, such as some epoxies or masonry products. Basically, you need something that will take the stress off your hands.

The manual caulk guns are fine for quick jobs around the tub, but squeezing a trigger over and over for a long period of time could become an issue. Your hand cramps, the job slows down, the bead is uneven and things get messy.

Milwaukee 6562-21 14.4 Volt Caulk/Adhesive Gun with 10 oz. Carriage Kit

Powerful 620 lbs. pushing force to dispense highest viscosity materials-Remote speed dial and trigger switch allow for optimal bead control-50% faster than competitive cordless caulk guns-Dispense 185 packs of standard cartridge Latex caulk per battery charge

True, true… But Are Cordless Powered Caulk Guns Expensive?

Prices for the cordless powered caulk gun vary from $34 up to $300. There is a price for every individual and job, and the model you choose depends on your budget and personal requirements. Lets take a look at some brands on the market:


On the low end of the scale is the Neiko cordless powered caulk gun. This model accepts standard-sized 10 oz caulk tubes and will work with most caulking compounds. The 1-hour battery charges quickly and is capable of handling several tubes of caulk on one charge. The Neiko also has a variable speed setting for regulating pressure to help you reduce any excess waste or over-caulking.


Rigid offers a moderately-priced cordless powered caulk gun. This power tool is an 18-volt model, and it has the ability to share the battery pack of other 18-volt power tools you might have in your shop. That option comes in handy when you are working on a job that requires changing between several different power tools at a time.

If you already have power packs, you can keep them charged and close at hand for when the pack you’re using starts to run low and you need a fresh one fast. The Rigid cordless powered caulk gun is also capable of handling 10 oz and the quart sized tubes. Like the Neiko, the Rigid cordless powered caulk gun is capable of regulating the pressure of the caulk or material with a dial.

One extra of the Rigid is a joist follower, a V-shaped piece of metal attached to the front of the gun that guides the gun along a joist or stud, helping you to keep the bead of caulk in a straight center line. In a cordless powered caulk gun that needs to work hard to get the job done, this little feature is worth it.


At the higher end of the cordless powered caulk gun scale is the Milwaukee line. Milwaukee makes three models that range in price from $165 to $269. The Milwaukee guns have a pushing force of 620 lbs. and are capable of dispensing 23 inches of material per minute.

To get the perfect thickness of bead, variable speed and a trigger switch work together. An auto reverse feature sucks back any drips, and a lock switch prevents accidentally turning on the guns power. These guns are capable of handling both 10 oz tubes and 20 oz sausage packs.