Cordless Drills

Cordless DrillThere are all sorts of options and tons of reviews about several different brands of cordless drills. What we want to do is provide you with a well rounded sort of buying guide for cordless drills.

Therefore, we will mention only the top selling drills of only the best quality as there are too many to mention if we mention them all, but we will do our best to include the best of the bunch as it were.

Trusted Brands

While there are several noteworthy brands of cordless drills and we will try to mention the most trusted of them here. We will start with a classic brand in cordless drills. We are referring of course to Black & Decker’s line of cordless drills. Black and Decker cordless drills are one of the best known simply because Sears and Roebuck and other popular chains have sold them for so many years running now.

The Black and Decker drills do not have the best track record for quality and performance. Some of the reviews we read online included such comments as: “Too heavy and bulky for me”, “recommended for ordinary household drilling for the price” and “…slightly lacking in power”. So while the Black & Decker cordless drill is not the best reviewed drill out there, it is still one of the most popular. The drill’s popularity is no doubt to do with its price and not much else. One comment we read online rang true when it said: “Great bang for your buck!”

Another trusted cordless drill and perhaps one of the most trusted is the Makita brand. While the Makita cordless drills are much more expensive than the Black & Decker cordless drills, they are also much more dependable and reliable. While searching comments for these well known drills, we found such comments as “I can change drill bits without using a drill chuck”, “The battery holds up well” and “I have used it with sanding attachments and that has worked well.”

As you can read for yourself, the comments are almost all positive for this well liked cordless drill. Makita also has dozens of different types of cordless drills on the market. They have a cordless model drill for almost every situation you can have.

One more noteworthy brand of cordless drills is Dewalt without a doubt. Dewalt drills are well known in construction circles for being both powerful and dependable. We found only good comments online about this brand as well.

Other brands that can compete with Markita and Dewalt in quality and price are such names as Bosch, Ryobi and Milwaukee. Those are the brands known most for quality and power. Brands known more for affordability that compare to Black & Decker on the other hand are brands like Skil, Panasonic and Rigid. They are not as well known for being powerful and dependable as they are for being inexpensive and affordable.

Prices of Cordless Drills

The first brand mentioned was Black and Decker only because it is popular due to its less expensive attributes, not because of quality necessarily. It sells for as low as $20 and upwards to still well within reasonable ranges. The most expensive Black & Decker drills are still cheap by most measures.

The Makita drill, one of the finer specimens as mentioned above goes for around $60 on the low end and upwards of $400 on the high end.

Dewalt drills that are cordless sell anywhere from $70 to $450, depending on the size and voltage of the drill. Their 36 volt powerhouse is an example of the high end of finer Dewalt drills.

We have only covered half a dozen drills in this article, but feel that we have mentioned all of the really noteworthy ones. That doesn’t mean that there are not other brands that are worth looking into, we just mentioned the ones you are most likely to give serious consideration to as a do it yourself type person which you must be if you are reading this article.

There are plenty of other good drills out there, but not many that can beat Black & Decker prices or that can beat Markita or Dewalt’s quality and power. Whatever your cordless drill needs are, there is likely to be several that will fit the bill. So, have a good time picking out your cordless drill! You may even be able to save a buck or two by shopping online for one.

Photo by konomike, Creative Commons Attribution License