Cordless Framing Nailer Tips

When it comes to hardware tools there are several choices you can make. In fact, if you are unfamiliar with the differences in your tool of choice it can be very confusing. So, if you are in the market for a nailer of any kind you may be lost as to how you should choose the right one.

Choosing the Right Nailer

First, in case you did not know, a nailer is basically a nail gun. There are several types to choose from. The first step in the buying process is going to be determining which type of nailer that you need. Some types of nail guns might include:

    - Pneumatic nailers
    - Cordless framing nailers
    - Palm nailers

For this example we will talk about the cordless framing nailers, because they offer more versatility than the other models when it comes to home renovation projects and ease of use.

The Benefits to Cordless Nailers

With cordless framing nailers you do not have to fiddle with air compressors or hoses of any kind. This makes them much friendlier to the new and inexperienced user and less expensive for the person that does not want to buy (or cannot afford) various attachments. For builders they also make things quick and easy, which is never a bad thing.

Cordless nailers are excellent for those jobs where the project is in an awkward angle or it would seem too rough to lug around a compressor and have to rely on that as you use your nailer. For example, if you are working on a project that has you nailing towards the ceiling you would not want to have to deal with a hose and an air compressor. They are best for speed and convenience in any number of projects. You can do almost anything with these fine power tools.

The Big Difference

Cordless framing nailers have the same goal and work like most pneumatic nailers do. The main difference is that while pneumatic nailers give out a blast of compressed air, cordless nailers rely on a type of motor that creates an explosion to drive the force of the nail.

There are many different kinds of cordless nailers and many different companies that make them. One of the most popular companies in the framing nailer department is Palisode. The top framing models can carry up to 44 nails. They can be used for basic framing jobs or other projects such as home repair, deck work, or remodeling projects. Essentially, you can use a cordless nailer almost anything that requires a nail gun. Nails are dispensed at about one nail for every three seconds.

Most cordless nailers run on a fuel cell, which can be replaced when it wears out. You can guesstimate about 1,200 shots, give or take, before you will need to replace the cell in a framing nailer. If you do not want something as heavy duty there are other cordless nailers that might do the trick. You can find others that are available for lighter framing work or other jobs.

You can find cordless framing nailers at any home improvement store or most basic hardware stores. If you cannot find the particular type that you are looking for you should be able to buy most of them at the manufacturers website.

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