DeWalt Cordless Hammer Drill Review

DeWalt Cordless Hammer DrillFor the pros who take construction seriously, DeWalt has a great tool that makes any building or demolition job a cinch. The DeWalt cordless hammer drill comes in a half-inch size, offering plenty of power, an affordable price, and features worth the purchase. DeWalt claims their tools are guaranteed tough, and their 36V cordless hammer drill meets that standard easily.

At A Glance

The DeWalt cordless hammer drill has a strong motor for top performance and efficiency for drilling applications. One nice feature is an anti-slip grip that provides lots of comfort and adds to the control during operation.

The drill packs a 36-volt battery so you can use the drill for an extended period of time without losing any of its potential. There are three speeds from an all-metal transmission and 22 clutch settings, making this drill better than others at handling various types of jobs.

Guaranteed Tough

Of course, the DeWalt brand is recognized for durable, reliable tools that are tough enough to take a beating on construction worksites. That means the DeWalt cordless hammer drill will be able to keep up with the rigorous demands of heavy jobs while giving individuals the portability and convenience they need.

How does the DeWalt cordless hammer drill rank versus competitors models? Well, trials showed that the DeWalt drill worked faster than Milwaukees drills, and the battery lasted longer than other brand models. Not only that, the DeWalt drills heavy-duty chuck self-tightens during use, increasing the strength of bit gripping. There is 450 pounds of torque for high-performance operation, and a 360 side handle for those tight spots.

The selling point of this drill is its 36 volt cordless battery, specifically developed to answer to the needs of professionals in situations requiring high powers. The battery itself is right up there with technologys latest and greatest, coming straight from the new generation of lithium-ion power sources. Compared to ordinary lithium batteries, the DeWalt cordless hammer drills battery had a life of 2,000 recharges.


Pricing for the DeWalt cordless hammer drill varies from $449.00 to $470.00 on the internet, and pros looking for this drill can expect the same range of pricing in stores, which makes shopping around before you buy worthwhile. If you do your shopping from the internet, make sure to choose a reputable site and factor in the shipping costs for your drill.

So just what do you get for that price? The DeWalt cordless hammer drill comes with two 36-volt batteries, a one-hour charger and a heavy-duty kit box. Of course, DeWalt offers other models of hammer drills, namely their popular 18-volt cordless hammer drill, and the company backs up all its products with its famed reliability for rugged tools that can handle any job.

Optional accessories include a rapid load holder, a compact magnetic drive guide, and a 6 inch magnetic drive guide. Some retailers offer a one, two, or three-year service plan for the drill, claiming that if they can not fix it, they replace the tool completely.