Corian Backsplash Enhances Appearance and Function

Dupont has set the industry standard for acrylic countertop surfaces with the development of Corian. This versatile kitchen and bath surface provides homeowners with the opportunity to select a wide variety of colors in a solid surface countertops and backsplashes.

The ability to hide seams and easily repair damage makes this product an ideal material to use when you design and decorate your kitchen and bath space. Don’t make the mistake of limiting your options when planning though, consider the full functionality of acrylic as you explore the design options that are available when you choose to add a Corian backsplash.

Easy Cleaning

One of the best things about a Corian backsplash is that it is easy to clean. The non-porous surface is highly resistant to stains. Liquids like coffee and wine could cause problems on other solid surface materials. Granite, slate, travertine and other natural stone products are absorbent and must be sealed on a regular basis in order to prevent staining.

Though Corian does require you to read carefully the labels of the cleaners that you use, it is quite easy to apply and wipes off with very little effort. The one thing that you have to watch for is cleaners that have abrasives in them. These cleaners can lightly scratch the surface of the Corian and dull the finish.

Easy Repairing

Another benefit of a Corian backsplash is that it is easily repaired. In the event that it is damaged or scratched, Corian can be buffed out to look like new by a certified professional. If a piece needs to be replaced, the seamless installation can be replicated on the repaired piece so that no seams are visible at all.

Since Corian is made in a factory with strict quality control methods in place, you can rest easy knowing that all of your pieces will be identical. With natural stone, replacement pieces often come from different lots and color variations can be quite apparent.

Licensed Pros Only

One thing that many homeowners find frustrating about a Corian backsplash is that it must be installed by a licensed professional. Corian products, like many other solid surface countertops options, are not for sale over the counter to homeowners.

Because of the precise nature and custom cutting that must be done to ensure a perfect fit, the manufacturers of Corian will only release the product to its own certified installers. Home owners who like to do projects themselves may find this to be an inconvenience and an unnecessary expense.

If, however, you spend any time watching these installation professionals do their work, you will quickly realize that they are very well trained and that their craftsmanship is worth every penny that you spend.

Head to your local home improvement store and take a look at some of the great styles and colors that are available for a Corian backsplash. Coupled with a Corian counter or sink top, these backsplashes are attractive pieces that can add a great deal to the aesthetic quality of your home.

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