Create Cornice Work with Personality

creative cornice in Savannah GeorgiaThere are currently more options available than ever before when it comes to those who want to create cornice work for their windows. There are all kinds of how to guides for many different methods of doing so and you can purchase them pre made if that is your wish as well.

Whether you want to work a little or work a lot there is a project that can appeal to both your creative side as well as the amount of work you will want to invest in the project. The style you use for your cornice is completely up to you and the most important thing is that you enjoy the process as much as you enjoy the finished product.

Basic Materials from which to Create a Cornice

A window cornice is a great way to significantly change the overall look and atmosphere within a room for very little effort. There are different types of materials that are used to create cornice work for your windows. You should not limit yourself to one idea of what a cornice should be but look around and find the type of cornice that most appeals to your creative talents and decorating style.

I personally find cornices that are painted much more appealing to make than those created with fabric. Unfortunately the only rooms in our home that lend themselves to painted cornices are the kitchen and the childrens bedrooms. You can bet our little ones have some rather whimsical cornices in their rooms courtesy of mom.

This is not to say that you cannot create cornice nirvana with imaginative use of fabric. I simply happen to be much better working with paint than fabric. By using upholstery fabric you can create a stunning cornice that is an elegant feature for almost any room in your home. If you are talented with fabric, and really this project does not require a huge amount of talent in order to accomplish, a cornice made with fabric can be a very enjoyable project.

How to Create Cornice Work for your Windows

The first and most important aspect when it comes time to create cornice work for your windows is to measure your windows. You should measure each window individually rather than doing one measurement and assuming that all windows are the same. You should also measure each window twice and make sure that you come up with the same measurement both times.

You will want to play around with the measurements for the drop of your cornice until you find a length that you like. There is no specific rule but generally cornices are between 8 and 16 inches long—this leaves a good bit of room to play with however so find the length that you prefer and go with that.

Your cornice box will consist of a face board (the board that everyone will see), a dust cover, and two side legs (these are known as returns). Once you have made the basic box design you have a few options. First you can paint the wood, you can also use cut outs, molding to add a bit of flair and elegance, appliques, staining or finishing products, or upholstery.

The important thing to remember when you set out to create cornice work for your windows is that this is a personal touch to add to your home and windows. With this in mind it should represent your personality and your creative talent.

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