Craft Room Flooring Ideas

Repairing Plywood Flooring Mould DamageIf you have a separate room to use for a craft room, lucky you! Here is a chance to let your imagination run wild as you decorate. Color, light, and personality can shine in this hard-working part of your home. Walls are generally taken up with shelving, paintings, or bulletin board space, so they are easy, but what are you going to do with the floors?

Decorating the craft room floor offers a few challenges. For one thing, you want something you can clean if you drop paint or glue on it. You also want something that doesn’t show little scraps of paper or thread. A lot depends on whether you like to sweep and mop or run a vacuum cleaner.

Painted, vinyl, or tile floors are probably the easiest to clean in the event of a spill. Carpet is nice for easy vacuuming, and in the right blend of colors, could help to hide small bits of craft debris until you get it vacuumed.

Hard Floor Options

If you happen to be lucky enough to have an old hardwood floor, by all means refinish it. For a classic look without showing dust, choose a satin finish instead of a high gloss finish. Choose a finish that is very tough, too. You will want something that is completely waterproof if you do much crafting that involves water or other liquids.

Do you like the idea of painting your own floor? If it is concrete or not-so-classic looking wood, painting can be a great option for the artistic types. Oil-based paints are a little more trouble to work with, but are a lot more durable. You can try sponge or rag painting if you like. Maybe you’d like to make a faux brick or tile look by using a stamp made from sponge, cardboard or styrofoam.

Double Duty Rooms

One factor that you will want to consider as you choose flooring for your craft room is how the room is used otherwise. Often, craft rooms do double duty as the guest room or as a home office.

Maybe your craft room is your studio, and serves as a place where you greet the public. Or maybe you craft in your laundry room. The other duty of the room, if there is one, could have a lot to say about what flooring choice you will be happy with over the long run.

For instance, if your craft room doubles as a guest room, a durable carpeting could be a great idea for a suitable floor covering. Choose a tweedy low pile that features a variety of colors in order to disguise those stray threads and paper clippings that might not get picked up by the vacuum cleaner. If you paint or use other hard to clean materials, be careful to have drop cloths available to cover any vulnerable areas on the floor.

If the craft room greets the public, you will want it to reflect your own personal gift, whether that is best displayed by painted board flooring, checkerboard tiles, old-fashioned charm or gleaming elegance.

If the room also houses the washer and dryer, go for all the light and color you like! Working areas benefit from the energizing effect of white and splashes of bright color. Maybe a lively, shiny vinyl would best serve your underfoot needs.

Photo by Shabby Chica, Creative Commons Attribution License