Creating Patio Privacy

We all enjoy the fun and relaxation use of our patios but there are times that a little patio privacy would be nice. You do not have to put up a tall, wooden fence to create patio privacy in your yard. While this is indeed an option, there are some other methods that you can use for creating patio privacy.

Fast Growth

One of the most natural ways for creating patio privacy is with plants. You can purchase fast growing plants, such as Leland cypress and place around the border of the patio. These fill out nicely and are a natural barrier.

You will be surprised at how many of your fine feathered friends might visit your patio area if you place a couple of small bird houses or even bird feeders in these trees. Any type of evergreen tree that is small and fast growing is an excellent method for creating patio privacy and they are extremely affordable.


Another natural looking border for patios that will help with creating patio privacy is using multiple rose bushes. You can combine rose bushes with other flowering bushes such as azaleas. These offer beautiful flowers and a light fragrance. The azaleas stay green the year round and different types grow to varying heights. If you want just an evergreen border, perhaps do a row of box hedges on the outer row and a row of roses or azaleas right next to the patio.

For the Birds

Do you enjoy bird watching? One method for creating patio privacy is to place varying height poles with bird houses and bird feeders on them. There are enough items around the patio to create a sense of privacy without the area being completely closed in.

Additionally, while you are enjoying your patio area you can watch the different birds that have made homes and raise their young in your yard. Placing the houses and feeders at varying heights will increase the amount of privacy in the area while encouraging a variety of birds to use your yard as a natural habitat.


If your patio area is used to entertain guests, particularly in the evening one fun way for creating patio privacy is with lights and beaded curtains. You can string outdoor lights from poles around the patio area which will help for evening entertainment.

To further set the festive mood, you can hang multicolored beaded curtains or even solid white beaded curtains from the poles. This will create privacy in the area as well as set the mood for nightly events.

In the colder months when the area is not being used, you can store the lights and curtains. For the holidays, you can hang different colored lights to match the theme.

Enjoy the privacy of your patio area with natural surroundings. If you entertain often, it is fun to use festive lights and curtains. There is always the old standby of the traditional privacy fence. You can hang bird houses, bird feeders and lights from these as well. Use a little creativity to make the perfect patio setting for family enjoyment.