Cultured Marble Cutting

Cultured marble is used as a surface for countertops in the home because of its hardwearing and aesthetic properties. A common substance, many people find cultured marble cutting a tricky task indeed. Trying to take care not to spoil the surface whilst ensuring an accurate cut can be a real headache for anyone, but with a few simple tips, you could be cultured marble cutting in no time.

Why Cultured Marble

Cultured marble is a designed counter top, made out to look like regular marble, and gives that classy and elegant look to wherever it is used. Frequently used in more expensive new homes, cultured marble is in itself a more expensive countertop material. Having said that, it still retains the hardwearing, durable functionality of other surfaces, whilst looking great, making for a popular countertop indeed.

If you are looking to buy cultured marble for your home, visit your local DIY store, who will stock the stuff in abundance. There you can price up the various options, and decide which style you would prefer for your home. A good tip when buying cultured marble is always buy a little too much. Although the stuff is comparatively more expensive, there must be some excess to account for wastage, so add around 10% excess to cover for any eventuality.

Cutting Cultured Marble

Working with cultured marble can be a tough task to say the least. It is a very hard surface, not to mention it is very easy to damage, as a highly polished, firm surface. It is important to ensure the following handy tips, which will avoid any problems or damage when cultured marble cutting.

Firstly, ensure you have thoroughly checked your measurements and have them written down for reference. This can save a great deal of time and money, so it is worth spending that extra minute double checking to make sure. It is also good to ensure that all measurements are marked in straight pencil lines drawn with the use of a ruler to ensure they are straight.

Take measurements along the left and right sides before cutting, and mark with a dot. This means you will be able to ensure a straight line by matching the dots. Also, roughly shade areas to be cut in pencil, to keep an idea in your head of the direction in which you are going. The use of pencil is good, because it is subtle and can be rubbed off, unlike permanent marker.

Another important consideration is that the cultured marble is tightly gripped in a vice whenever cutting. This avoids the potential for any personal injuries, as well as the likelihood of damage to the surface, which is one of the major concerns when dealing with expensive cultured marble cutting.

Cultured marble cutting has often been considered a nightmare. But it really does not have to be. If you follow these very basic tips, which you will find in any DIY book, you could be on your way to effectively cutting cultured marble like never before, with the confidence to create a really good finish. It does not take a lot of skill or effort, but if you follow these basic guidelines, you will see more accurate, consistent results time after time, allowing you to handle the material more easily and more confidently in the future.

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