Cultured Stone Installation

One of the greatest developments in modern building materials has been the invention of cultured stone. This product has given rise to an increased popularity of cultured stone installations in people’s homes. The ability to monitor quality and weight makes this product a very practical choice for those who wish to create a veneered surface that looks like structural stone.

Whether used to decorate and entire wall or to fabricate a stone looking fireplace system, cultured stone is changing the way that people think about using stone in decorating.


Cultured stone installation is very practical for indoor applications for several reasons. The first is that it is about 75% lighter than real stone. Traditionally, floors would have to be reinforced and sometimes substructures would have to be built underneath houses to support the weight of a real stone feature in your home.

cultured stone fireplaceWith cultured stone though, this is not necessary. It can be applied right over a plywood base and no one will ever know the difference. Another feature of cultured stone is that is does not have to be sealed. IF you were to install real stone inside your house and didn’t seal it, then you would constantly be cleaning up the dust that naturally emanates from stone. This is not an issue with cultured stone.

Quality Control

Another reason that cultured stone installations are becoming more popular is because of the continuity that is available in the products appearance. Quality control in things like color, size, and shape make this product much easier to use when trying to plan decorating schemes for the interior of your home.

Additionally, there are always quality control issues when using real stone. Real stones always have naturally occurring cracks, discolorations and blemishes that cannot be removed. When using cultured stone, these issues are easily avoided since each stone can be inspected before the product ever hits the market.


It is possible to do a cultured stone installation yourself, but it is recommended by most manufacturers that you use a contractor who has been specifically trained to work with the product that you have selected. By doing this your remove yourself from any responsibility that may affect the warranty later on.

If you do have problems, which are unusual, you can leave it to the manufacturer and their licensed installer to come up with a solution. In some cases, the product warranties are not valid unless manufacturer has approved the installer that you choose to use.

With these things in mind, you can begin planning your cultured stone installation. Feel free to be creative, as the number of ways that this innovative product can be used is limitless. Everything from fireplaces to stone wrapped staircases are within the realm of possibility. Make you home stand out with the natural beauty of stone, without any of the hassle that comes with using the real thing.

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Photo by CCK_mom/CreativeCommons