Cultured Stone

Cultured stone is one of the greatest developments in modern building materials. This product has risen in popularity for several key reasons. The ability to monitor quality and weight makes this product a very practical choice for those who wish to create a façade that looks like structural stone. Whether used to decorate and entire wall or to fabricate a stone looking fireplace system, cultured stone is changing the way that people think about using stone in decorating.

There are several good reasons why cultured stone is ideal for indoor applications. The first is that it is about 75% lighter than real stone. Obviously, this number is dependant upon which type of stone you are comparing it too, but the dramatic difference still stands as a major benefit. Cultured Stone is essentially an concrete/aggregate blend with color pigment added and cast in specialized molds.

Weight Savings

When building larger features like fireplaces and hearths from real stone, floors have to be reinforced and sometimes substructures have to be built underneath houses to support the weight. When using cultured stone these additional measures are not necessary.

Another feature of cultured stone is that makes it ideal for indoor use is that it does not have to be sealed. When real stone is installed inside your house it can create a lot of dust as the stone naturally breaks down. This is not an issue with cultured stone.

Another benefit that cultured stone brings to the table the consistency in its appearance. Strict quality control measures monitor things like color, size, and shape. It is much easier to plan the rest of your interior décor if you are confident in the appearance of the stone product that you have ordered.

One of the biggest downfalls of real stones are the naturally occurring blemishes that cannot be removed or accounted for. They will always have naturally occurring cracks, discolorations and blemishes that cannot be removed. While some folks appreciate these natural features, others are much more comfortable with a product that has no blemishes to distract the eye from the overall appearance of a room.

Cultured Stone Outdoors

Cultured stone is also ideal for outdoor applications. It can be used to create a façade on a block wall foundation, giving the appearance that your home is build on an old-fashioned cobblestone base. It is also ideal to use as a chimney façade.

Entirely weatherproof, this is an great product to use when planning the exterior appearance of your new home. It provides you with an opportunity to create a house with an old world feel, but with all the reliability of the best features that building industry technology has been able to provide for us.

With these things in mind, begin looking around and start dreaming of your own creative ways to utilize cultured stone. Be creative, as the number of ways that this innovative product can be used is limitless. Fireplaces, stone wrapped staircases, and indoor planters are just the beginning of the design possibilities that you can create.

Make your home stand out with the natural beauty of stone while avoiding the headache and added expense that comes with using the real thing.

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