Custom Bathroom Vanities

custom bathroom vanities exampleRenovating your bathroom can be a great way to turn a functional but unwelcoming square of space into a haven of peace and silence. That is right; a bathroom as a haven! In fact, next to a bedroom, the bathroom is an important comfort zone of your home, destined as a sanctuary for personal needs. That said, the bathroom should be a room that you like being in, not one based on functionality alone.

Many people overlook these key points of bathrooms, but not you! If you are reading this, you know your bathroom needs a change. The biggest focal point in a bathroom is the vanity area, a cabinet that encloses the sink and provides drawers, cabinets, and storage space, and custom bathroom vanities can transform the mood of the area from boring to beautiful.

Why Customized? Why Not

Custom means someone is going to craft and tailor an object to your exact wishes, and that you are having something made to order so that it is just how you want it to be. Plenty of individuals shy away at having anything crafted just for them, and custom bathroom vanities are no different.

But why? People looking to get rid of the old and bring in the new should consider that anything tailored to their wants and needs is going to definitely last longer. The look will be as you want it, the shape and size will be just right, and the durability is probably going to be better than anything found off the shelf (so to speak).

Sure, cost is a factor, as custom bathroom vanities can be more expensive than their mass-manufactured counterparts, but if you consider the overall appreciation of the perfect piece you will gain in the long run, isnt the price worth it?

You can always shop cheap, but what happens when something that is in fashion now goes out of date? You will need to change the item again to keep your home looking the way you want it. Custom bathroom vanities do not go out of style. They are different, they are unique, they are perfectly sized for your space, and they are not made of cheap materials that will end up looking worn, chipping, or breaking.

Is Custom-Made Really That Expensive?

The cost of having custom bathroom vanities built to order depends a lot on the look you are going for, the type of wood you choose, and the size and shape you want. A bathroom vanity can be as simple as something small that just allows for the width of the sink and a couple of doors underneath, or a whole wall devoted to the bathroom vanity, with counter space that includes two sinks, mirrors, a number of small drawers and storage cabinets.

The style you choose might affect the price of custom bathroom vanities. Are you looking for antique replicas or a sleek, modern appearance? Do you want intricate scrollwork or plain edges? Does your taste run to Victorian or lean more towards contemporary?

Decisions, decisions

There is more to custom bathroom vanities than what first meets the eye. Take plenty of measurements. Plan your sizing, both in height and width. Try to determine how many drawers or cabinets you would like, what shape and size they might be, and what you will put in them. Some people love places to put little treasures or to store makeup and jewellery, and then discover they do not use the drawers, making them wasted space.

What type of mirror do you want? How big? And you will have to choose a type of countertop; will it be wood or another material, like marble? Of course there are plenty of decisions to make, but that is the whole point of having something made to order. The vanity you are planning now will be one you will love forever.

Finding the Right One

Since your custom bathroom vanity needs to be built, take a look in your local directory for woodcrafters, cabinetmakers, artisans. Anyone you know that builds furniture can probably help you out. Browsing antique dealers wares for tables or bureaus that can be customized to accommodate a sink and plumbing might be an alternative.

The internet offers plenty of resources and businesses that will work with you to build up a vanity that fits your ideas. If you do choose an internet source to build your vanity to order, make sure you factor in shipping costs. No matter whom you end up choosing, whether local or in another country, consider waiting times to build your piece. Or, if you are handy in the workshop, you can try building your own!

Image by Kevin Muncie