Custom Box Valance

One of the biggest trends in home decor today is the addition of a box valance to the window coverings of your home. Whether for a large bay windows or smaller bedroom and kitchen windows, a box valance adds an air of sophistication to traditional window coverings and can be made to match the existing décor of the home. Homeowners that have created their own custom window treatments for the home can use many of the same supplies to create a box valance that matches their window treatments perfectly.

Beginning The Project

The items that will be needed to create a custom box valance for your home can be found in many craft stores and even some home improvement stores that carry a wide selection of different materials.

The items that will be needed include the fabric that has been chosen for the box valance, sturdy cardboard, artist wooden stretcher bars, a hot glue gun, a staple gun, and cording to go with the fabric. The artist wooden stretcher bars should be long enough to extend for three inches to the left and the right of the window frame and allow for 18 inches or more of vertical length.

The first step in creating a custom box valance for your home is to assemble the artist wooden stretcher bars into a frame for the box valance. The longer pieces should be nailed into a frame with a designated top and bottom which will be holding the box valance. Additional pieces should be attached to the back of the frame to extend the valance away from the wall for a distance of about 4 to 6 inches.

Creating The Custom Box Valance

After the frame has been assembled, it is time to create the design for your custom box valance. Any design that will fill the length of the box valance frame is acceptable and is only limited by the imagination of the person creating the design. The design should be marked on the cardboard and cut out carefully so that it can be stapled to the front and sides of the box valance frame.

The next step is to stretch your chosen fabric over the cardboard design you have created. Thinner fabrics are more easily stretched over the guide, but heavier fabrics are easier to keep smooth and remain looking new for a longer period of time. Stretching the fabric over the frame should start in the middle of the frame and extending to the ends of the frame, stapling the fabric to the cardboard as you go.


Once the fabric has been stretched taunt and secured to the frame all the way around, it is time to finish the project. You can use the hot glue gun to attach cording, tassels, beads, or even sequins in the pattern of your choice on the fabric of the box valance, creating a custom design that is truly unique to your home and your style. After the glue has dried and the attachments that you added are secure, your custom box valance is ready to be hung above your window treatments.

The box valance can be secured by using common window treatment fixtures, which can be purchased separately at any store that carries window treatments, or can be secured directly to the wall by nailing the frame to the wall. It is recommended that window treatment fixtures be used for securing the box valance to the wall because these will be easier to remove in the event that you would like to change the window treatments or repair the box valance.