How to Cut Tall Grass

Cutting grass is a past time for many people. With various mowers and riding tractors it has become enjoyable to spend the day mowing your lawn. Of course, this also brings along many questions about how the lawn should be mowed.

One of the biggest questions is how high should grass be before it needs cut. If it is taller, how do you cut tall grass? In order to answer that question we need to go over the basics of lawn care.

In most cases you will not need to learn a specific way to cut tall grass. The method is going to be the same as cutting any other grass, with a lawn mower. The length of your grass and how high you should cut it depend on the type of grass you have.

If you have a grass that is a cool season grass such as Kentucky bluegrass, you'll need to know how to cut tall grass because you should let them grow a little higher than other grasses. Meanwhile, if you have a warm season grass you would cut them much shorter.

Whatever kind of grass you have you do not want to cut it too short. If you do it will often dry out. It's often better to have a taller lawn as opposed to a shorter one because tall grass tends to be healthier. Shorter cuts of grass are harder to take care of and you are more likely to see problems with the health and vitality of the lawn.

Before you worry about how to cut tall grass you should make sure you're not cutting it too short. The best thing you can do is to follow the one-third rule, which means that you will not cut more than a third of the grass at any time of mowing. Make sure your blades are set appropriately so that you do not end up cutting too much of the grass at one time.

Cutting Wet

You should never cut your grass wet. Unfortunately, when you cut your grass wet it will clump. If you have to cut your grass and it is wet then you should set your mower to the highest height setting and cut it like that. After you cut it on the highest setting you can set it back to normal and in a day or so cut it again. This process will reduce any clumping that might occur.

Cutting Height

Earlier we discussed the question, of how to cut tall grass. The answer is simple. Thanks to mowers having several height options, most grass can be cut with a mower. Unless you are dealing with waist high grass you should not need any special tools to cut your grass. Make sure you know the range that your grass should grow in and cut it only when it exceeds that range.

If the weather is hot or there is a drought you should not cut your lawn like you normally would. It will remain healthier if you let it stay longer. If it's cooler you can cut it shorter than normal and it will stay in good condition. Tall grass has deeper roots. This is why taller grass is able to handle a more devastating change.

As long as you are mowing your lawn once it has exceeded the one-third rule (it is a third higher than it should be) then your lawn should be just fine. Depending on your grass and the season it may grow faster than at other times.

Of course, you want to make sure that the grass does not get to high. Having grass that is too tall is just as bad as it being too short. Overly tall grass will shade the lower portion of the blade and when you go to cut the tall grass, it will burn the lower portion.

The question you need to ask is not how to cut tall grass, but when to cut it. The answer depends on your lawn. Depending on the weather, the season, and your specific grass you might need to mow once a week or perhaps twice. Usually once a week is a good practice though it could be more or less. Determine the kind of grass you are dealing with and you will have a better idea of when you should cut it and how high it should be when you do.

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