Dark Grained Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Although many people opt for bright, invigorating colors, some find dark grained wood kitchen cabinets more to their liking. Maple, oak, and cherry rank as the most popular wood species people select for kitchen cabinets. These woods fall in the light- to medium-light range as far as coloring. Some other light-colored woods include ash, beech, chestnut, and birch.

The Beauty

For those who find the appeal of dark grained wood kitchen cabinets irresistible, choices abound in those wood species, as well. You can find dark wood in both domestic and imported species, but keep in mind that imported woods are considered exotic woods and will be priced accordingly (higher!). Some domestic dark woods include such species as rosewood, mahogany, walnut, and some types of hickory.

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The Old-World Look

Dark grained wood kitchen cabinets appeal to those who want this room of their home to be a cool sanctuary during the heat of the day. Think Tuscan kitchen or the kitchens found in some other vine-covered, European locale where the heat of the day, and the day of cooking is relieved in part by a darker-than-the-rest-of-the-home kitchen. Dark woods also offer a sense of elegance and quiet refinement that just cannot be found in lighter-colored wood species.

Combining Light and Dark

Another design tactic utilized by professionals contrasts dark grained wood kitchen cabinets and other vertical pieces (backsplash, appliances, etc.) with light-colored horizontal pieces, such as the flooring and countertops. This creates a balance of light and dark in the kitchen that gives a warm feeling, yet exudes lots of energy.

Dark grained wood kitchen cabinets offset by a wood (solid or laminate) made from ash or white oak offers a wonderful environment that emulates not only the homey-ness of a family kitchen, but also emanates a clean, energetic vigor. This type kitchen makes everyone comfortable, whether for a quiet, intimate, over-coffee conversation at the counter or for a noisy gang of cooks (with kids underfoot!) happily preparing a holiday meal.

Easy Does It

Of course, although dark grained wood kitchen cabinets can be beautiful, you do want to keep in mind that too much of a good thing can turn on you. Avoid the mausoleum look by ensuring things like natural lighting occur, as well as lighter-colored flooring and countertops. Light plays a major role in determining the atmosphere of any room in the home.

And you will need good natural lighting anyway if you happen to be a serious cook. Natural light can come from skylights, regular windows or a combination of both. Do not be afraid of natural lighting if you have heard stories of it fading rugs and other items in a home.

Kitchen furnishings are generally fade-proof, so go ahead and facilitate as much natural lighting as possible in your kitchen. If you are worried about something like a solid-wood dining table, lay a tablecloth or keep the table out of direct sunlight.

Dark grained wood kitchen cabinets lend an air of good taste and subtle sophistication to kitchen deor, so do not be hesitant to use them. Keep the above-mentioned tips in mind, however, and then relax and enjoy. There is a lot of good old-fashioned satisfaction in owning beautiful kitchen cabinets with the rich good looks of dark-colored wood.

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