Deck Building Materials

Decking has become a fashionable landscaping tool in recent years, and is becoming more and more widespread in gardens nationwide. Because of its attractive and functional features, decking is sure to continue to be a popular choice for would-be landscape gardeners in years to come. In this article we will look at the types of deck building materials, what to look for, and how to construct decking easily within your own garden.

Types of Decking

Decking comes in different styles and designs, and the choice is expanding every day. There are now several major decking manufacturers which make deck building materials, and naturally many vary in price and in quality. Generally, you are looking for something which is fairly easy to install, although nowadays that is becoming even less of a consideration.

When selecting decking, you will normally be faced with the choice of pre-treated decking, or basic decking timber. Composite wood deck materials are also beginning to be available. The choice is up to you, although if you are faced with budget constraints, you may want to think about going for the untreated material. It is always possible to use simple varnish on your decking, which will make it weather proof and more durable, so there will be no need to spend on pre-treatment.

Alternatively, you may wish not to have the hassle yourself, and this is also acceptable. Either way, you want to look for a material which provides adequate grip, and promotes effective drainage to avoid puddles, and a slippery surface.

Constructing your decking

After choosing your deck building materials, it's time to begin construction. Make sure you have a large area of space to work with. Decking requires room, so make sure you tidy a designated space and keep it clear of kids and pets for the duration.

Before you begin any decking project, you should always make a plan. Always draw elevations and a plan of your decked area within your garden, and double and triple check your measurements. To add even further weight to your chances of success, order more decking that you will require, and cut to marginally larger sizes than you anticipate in your calculations, because it is always better to have too much to work with than too little.

Next, begin by constructing your base and foundations. Normally, your deck building materials will come with how-to instructions, which will be handy in helping you establish your structure. This is the point where you should varnish your decking, if required. Do not wait until you have fitted it - it is far easier to ensure coverage and minimise error at this stage, prior to assembly.

Next begin to fit your decking, ensuring with a spirit level that it is perfectly level where desired, after allow plenty time for the varnish to dry. And that's pretty much all there is to installing your decking. Believe me, it's easier said than done!

Decking is a tricky landscaping feature to construct on your own, but with the help of a friend, you can really make quick progress through the job. Make sure, above all, that you will be dealing with quality deck building materials. Cheap materials will only cause you problems, and will make the installation a significantly harder process.

Make sure you all plenty time for the varnish to dry, and that your structure is stable and correctly secured, and you should avoid the most common decking pitfalls. Other than that, take a well earned break on your new decking after you've installed it, and enjoy your new garden focal point.

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