Great Deck and Hot Tub Ideas

deck hot tub idea for villaHot tubs offer an excellent way to relax while spending an evening with your family and friends. Finding great deck and hot tub ideas can be readily found through any home improvement store, hot tub and spa vendor or at many websites on the internet. Any deck and hot tub ideas you find can be modified to suit your needs.

Determining which deck and hot tub ideas are right for you depend on the space you have available for a hot tub, what type of deck you will be placing the hot tub on and the amount of money you want to spend. If you currently have a deck the size of hot tub that you will be allowed to purchase may be regulated by the weight capacity of the deck. If you are planning to build a deck that incorporates the hot tub or if you are willing to revamp your current deck you should decide what type of hot tub you will purchase first before planning your deck.


A three person hot tub can weigh around 1850 pounds and a five to seven person hot tub can weigh around 3950 pounds when filled with water. Determining the weight capacity of your deck is very important when you are planning your deck and hot tub ideas, because you don't want a deck that falls down with the added weight and you don't want to add additional unneeded costs when you don't need additional support.


Certain locations for decks work well with hot tubs. Bedroom decks can offer a romantic location for a couple to spend some private time together. Backyard decks are a great place to have a hot tub which is great for family gatherings or a relaxing evening. Other locations may include a stand alone deck farther away from the house or a wrap around deck with the hot tub below. The combinations of options are limitless for deck and hot tub ideas.

Decking Materials

Finding the right material for your deck should depend on the design of your deck. Staying away from soft wood like aspen will help to keep the wood from getting hot tub impressions if you decide to move the hot tub.

Typical treated 2x4 or 2x6 lumbers can provide excellent decking material as long as they are supported right. Other material options to take a look at when planning your deck and hot tub ideas are plastic lumber which is very strong and has a longer life span then wood.

Pre-existing decks, if they are in good shape, can have braces added to them to support the additional weight capacity. Adding on to a deck can also provide the support you need to support the hot tub. For a designer look a multi-level deck can offer even more deck and hot tub ideas.

The Right Hot Tub

Picking out a hot tub can be more difficult than deciding upon decking material. Hot tubs come in many shapes and sizes. Some hot tubs are for one or two people whereas some hot tubs are for up to twelve people. The largest size of the hot tub you can get will depend on the space you have available. Certain hot tub shapes will allow you to purchase a hot tub for more people by choosing a narrow hot tub.

Many hot tubs are square, but rectangular, oval and circular are also available. Hot tubs carry many options like perimeter lighting and DVD players. Some hot tubs come in quite a few colors which allow you to match your home or landscaping around you. Planning deck and hot tub ideas should also include the accessories to the hot tub like the cover and maintenance kits.


Privacy is another factor to be considered about when looking at deck and hot tub ideas. With many housing developments building more houses closer together to maintain your privacy, privacy walls can be a worthwhile investment. Privacy walls can be as simple as building privacy railing on your deck or using a gazebo. Privacy walls can also be as difficult as placing trellises with wall climbing plants or hedge fencing.

Planning your deck and hot tub ideas can be a big project and can take a lot of time to research and plan. Making sure every detail is covered may be best left to the professionals for the person with a limited amount of time.

Additionally, if you are not familiar with electrical work having a professional wire you hot tub is a very wise decision. Check with your city regulations to find out if there are any permits or inspections you may need to build or remodel your deck or install a hot tub before you begin.

In the end when all of your deck and hot tubs ideas have come to life enjoy the relaxation and peace it allows you after a long day of work.

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