Deck Patio Ideas

blue deck patio and plantersDeck patios are a great landscaping feature in any garden. However, at times they can seem a bit bare. In this article we will look at various deck patio ideas when it comes to protecting your decking, and ensuring it remains an attractive focal point in your garden.

Maintaining your decking

Before we start looking at deck patio ideas for decoration, it is important to consider some of the ways of increasing the lifespan of your deck patio. Chances are you'll have spent a fair amount on materials and installation, and you may even have drafted in the help of a professional landscape gardener. There is no doubt that it is in your best interests to preserve and strengthen your structure wherever possible.

The first step you should take is to regularly examine the structure. Take the time to check the screws and brackets, and tighten any up that seem to have loosened. By checking every couple of months or so, you should be able to spot any potential hazards before they become a costly and dangerous problem.

The next thing you should do is re-seal your deck patio every five to ten years. The weather proof seal on the timber is only effective for a limited period, and you should ensure you coat when necessary to stop the natural destruction of your decking.

Speaking of destruction, you also have the possibility of termites. Remain vigilant for the signs of termites, and call at professional immediately should you spot any signs of infestation. This way, you'll manage to stop the problem short of a full-blown plague.

Sprucing up your decking

Deck patios can often be great features in a garden, but it is important to keep them looking fresh and attractive. One of the simplest deck patio ideas you can implement on your patio is to paint it.

Try painting your patio a nice dark green. That way, it will compliment the natural setting, and keep your deck patio from looking out of place in your garden. Again, make sure you use weather-proofed paint to avoid the elements getting to your patio.

Another great idea is to introduce planting in decorative pots. This can really go along way towards giving your garden a theme, an emphasising the focal point of the deck patio. By varying your range of colours, and plants, you can create a beautiful floral display on top of your deck patio, which will leave it looking like an essential and attractive element to your garden.

Alternatively, why not try adding some trellis and planting things like ivy? This can give your patio a more traditional feel; an almost country-garden type look. This can be particularly effective when combined with a manicured lawn, and can make your garden look fantastic with very little effort.

There are loads of deck patio ideas you can use to spruce up your patio. With a bit of imagination, you can think of literally thousands of different things to make your patio look considerably more attractive.

It's simply a case of taking into account your current garden setup, and then trial and error until you find the perfect idea for your patio, and your garden. As long as you ensure your deck patio is structurally sound and free from infestation, you can decorate it in all manner of ways to reaffirm its important to your garden.

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