Decking Kit

So you’ve decided to add a deck to upgrade your home and your living experience. You know the size and shape you want, but you’re not that confident about your skills with a power saw. The solution may be in one of the companies offering a decking kit.

The top decking kits come with everything you need except the labor and the willingness to do the work yourself. The higher cost associated with buying a decking kit as opposed to raw lumber, or any number of available materials, is more than offset by time saved in cutting and drilling.

Most companies offer their decking kit in a range of sizes and styles with some even built to your specifications, though those generally cost a little more. However, the cost savings will still be attractive.

Makes Life Easier

For instance, using pressure treated lumber to build a 300 square foot deck with 2 four foot by four foot landings and a set of stairs- either into the house or down to your yard- will cost about $2,500 for materials.

Labor costs for the deck will be about $3,000 for a total labor and materials cost of roughly $5,500. A typical price for having a contractor do all the work, buying materials, pouring cement for footers - absolutely everything will average about $24 a square foot. In this case, it would come to about $7,200.

Or you can buy a decking kit in this size range for around $4,500. That comes to almost $2,000 more for materials but you’re doing the work yourself and saving $2,700 over the cost of having someone else do it all. This does not, of course, consider additional costs if you break something in the decking kit and have to replace it.

Decking Kit Materials

The precut edges in materials used in the decking kit are calculated to fit right the first time and will offer a professional finish and appearance. Mitered joints and close fitting edges around newel posts will give the impression of having had a professional install your deck and you don’t have to tell any different.

A variety of materials can be found for your decking kit, from treated wood to vinyl and composite deck materials, each have their advantages and disadvantages. Each type will have to be judged on their suitability to your geographical location, the intended use of the deck, and the longevity you expect for the deck.