Decking Lighting Kits

In-Deck Lighting Disks
When it comes to choosing a decking lighting kit for your deck, porch, or balcony, there are several different kinds of lighting kits to choose from, each with their own pros and cons. For instance, you can go from dark to dazzling with these in-deck disk lights.

In-Deck Lighting Disks

In-Deck Lighting Disks

In fact, it’s worth investing in deck lighting in the first place if you ever plan to have company over on a summer evening, and want to sit outside – the glare of a harsh porch light over the door tends to ruin the ambiance.

Types of Deck Lighting

    1) Accent Lights: These tend to have a low voltage, and are placed against the sides of the deck for space conservation. The light is focused downward, accentuating the posts, railings, and steps of the deck for easier navigation at night. They are similar to indoor sconces.

    2) Recessed Lights: These lights are placed flush with the deck, and use no extra space. They can be stepped on without concern, and are excellent for outlining the perimeter of steps or pool decks – they blend right into the overall design of the deck.

    3) Post Lights: Deck post lights attach to the railings or posts of your deck, and take up the most spaces. They tend to be used for the entrance to a flight of steps, or a gate entrance, since the light is projected all the way around the post, 360 degrees.

Types of Lighting Kits

You can purchase lighting kits of all three types, and they’re easy enough to install yourself. Look for lighting kits with LED lights if you can, since you won’t have to replace those frequently, and they won’t overheat and become a safety concern.

Accent Lighting

Overton’s Deck LED Lighting Kit: This kit comes with 16 LED lights, either bright white or amber (reputedly the amber lights do not attract bugs) – a junction box, with four 3-LED lights for under the steps and 12 LED accents. There are wire snap connections, insulated staples, stainless steel screws, an AC/DC transformer, and 60’ worth of wiring. The system is 12V DC, and the instructions are readable and easy to follow!

Recessed Lighting

Rockler In-Deck Lighting Disks: This kit comes with 10 lights which are to be mounted flush to the deck. Each light disk is about the size of a hockey puck, and are 3” in diameter. The lights are 4 watts each, and are meant to be installed in flat-bottomed holes with a small opening in the center for the wire.

The kit also can be used with a standard 12 volt transformer, which is sold separately if you need one. The transformer can be used to set a timer for the lights, which will help you in conserving energy! Replacement bulbs are also very reasonably priced for this set.

Post Lighting

Classy Caps Postcap Lighting: A low-voltage accent for lighting your deck, the kit comes with six post caps, six 4 watt bulbs, a 60 watt programmable photocell transformer, six quick-connect low voltage light sockets, 12 mounting screws, cable extension connector, and 75 feet of 14 gauge cable.

There are two sizes available, one to fit standard 4 x 4 wood or vinyl posts and another to fit 3 and a half-inch posts. Installation can be done easily and safely by the homeowner, since the wiring gauge size is relatively low.

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