Decking Tiles

The deck building craze has produced some wonderful new technology. Creating a seamless link between indoor home decorating and outdoor entertainment areas is one reason for the popularity of back yard decks and patio furniture.

One of the most far-reaching developments is decking tiles. Made of wood or porcelain, the tiles simply click together without nails or adhesive. They can be used on any solid surface with little preparation. Can you see the possibilities yet?

Decking Tile Outdoor Uses

Decking tiles can freshen up a sun-faded deck; change a patio into a deck or a roof into an entertainment area. Rather than having to replace a worn deck that's still structurally sound, just cover the old surface with easy-to-use decking tiles.

They may easily be cut to fit around pipes, lighting, or decorative areas. A sharp knife works fine for the porcelain tiles or a hand or jug saw for the wood. A plain balcony can be dressed up with the tiles to create a fashionable surface in even a small area, and if that balcony is part of a rented space, the tiles will come up easily to pack along with your other decorating items.

Decking tiles also can be used to renew the decks around a spa or hot tub. You can turn the decking around an above ground pool into something spectacular. Use the tiles for walkways or to imitate stepping stones filling in garden pathways of river rock or gravel.

Good foundations can be made for flower pots or backyard furniture using the tiles. The adaptability of decking tiles makes them suited to setting up a private deck area outside of a motor home or RV. They only require a firm place to put them, and small spaces between the tiles allows rain water to drain. The wood tiles are real wood and must be treated and sealed for use outdoors.

Decking Tiles Indoor Uses

For indoor/outdoor areas such as enclosed porches, gazebos, greenhouses, and sunrooms decking tiles are ideal. Nothing could be better for a basement floor or workshop. The tiles can be installed by anyone just by placing the first one and interlocking the rest. Because they can be removed, they can be used to tile the floor of an apartment bathroom or kitchen. In fact, the only limit to the uses of decking tiles is your need and imagination.

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