Decorating Entryways

Redecorated Entryway IdeaWe all know the importance of first impressions. This also applies to our home. The first impression upon a guest is from the entryway to our home. The entryway is the place where we greet our guests with an inviting expression of welcoming. It is also the first décor that we ourselves experience upon entry to our home.

The entryway reflects our personality and sets the tone for the rest of the house. It is also the last thing a guest will see when leaving our home. It should be a warm reminder that creates the desire to return. The following tips will guide you when decorating entryways.


The amount of light should be enough for your guests to see good enough but not so much that it overwhelms them when entering your house at night. Subdued light is probably best.

Sconces on the wall are a perfect choice. A small table lamp that throws off an interesting light pattern on the walls or ceiling is a great way to create a unique atmosphere. Just make sure that the light is subtle.


Area rugs come in numerous sizes, shapes, colors and materials. An area rug is better than a welcome mat. Oriental rugs look beautiful when you first step inside. If cost is an issue you can purchase an inexpensive but warm and welcoming small rug for guests to wipe their feet on.

If you prefer them to remove their shoes, an additional rug should be placed where they can leave them. It is important to provide a warm surface for shoeless guests to walk on. A runner or large area rug is a must and should extend the length of your entryway.


Another item to add is a place for guests to sit on while removing and putting on their shoes. Although there are elaborate benches available for this purpose, a simple wooden bench will do. If the bench is plain it should be placed in a corner out of the way.

If it is a beautiful piece of furniture it can be used as the focal point in your entryway. A nice chair is an alternative if there isn’t enough room for a bench.

A small table is very common in an entryway. It should fit snugly against the wall. There are some very beautiful wooden tables for entryways. It should be large enough to hold a lamp or flower arrangement but small enough to give guests room to pass by it freely.

Flowers should be in a beautiful, clear vase and changed often. A shallow container for storing keys and cell phones is useful here. A great option for decorating that adds a personal touch to your entryway is the placement of framed photos of loved ones. An elegant standing frame will add the perfect touch to the table. A small shelf mounted on the wall of your entryway is another great option for displaying photos of cherished family members.


A mirror is a must have in your entryway. First, it adds the appearance of additional space in an area that is usually quite small. Second, it gives people a place to check their appearance upon entry or exit of your home. Consider the type of frame carefully.

Wrought iron goes with just about any décor. For more personality shop for an intricately or elaborately decorated frame. Look for beautiful colors. Try an art deco or classical Greek style. Let your creativity go wild. This mirror can be an expression of your uniqueness.

Window Treatment

If there are windows in your entryway you can get creative with your choice of window treatments. Try indoor shutters. For the traditional approach use blinds or sheer curtains.

Other items to consider for decorating your entryway include hat racks, umbrella and cane stands, plant stands and standing coat racks. Coat hooks look great and function well when mounted above a bench.

Entryways are a place where clutter seems to naturally accumulate. Shoes, coats, mail and the like tend to end up here. It is a good idea not to include everything suggested in this article. As the first and last impression of your home, try to keep the confusion and mess to a limit. Start this by not placing too many things in the entryway. Simple and clean should be kept in mind.

Photo by David Hunter, Creative Commons Attribution License