Decorating a Kitchen Window

Kitchen Window with SunflowerThere are kitchens all over the world that are warm and welcoming because they are beautifully decorated. The cabinets are rich, the atmosphere is inviting and the layout is spacious and appealing. However, there is usually one area of every kitchen that is left undecorated and so stands out against the rest of the décor.

That is the kitchen window. Many homeowners do not think of decorating a kitchen window when they renovate or redecorate their kitchens. Instead, they focus on other elements. However, decorating the kitchen window can provide the finishing touch you need to make your kitchen really stand out from the rest.

Traditional Ideas

You may be disputing the fact that your kitchen window is not decorated at the moment because you may have pottery or a plant taking pride of place. However, there is more to decorating a kitchen window than just placing a plant there or a colourful jug.

If you take away the plant and pottery then there is nothing to the window at all. It looks like just another kitchen window and that is hardly awe-inspiring. Instead of thinking conventionally about what you could do with your kitchen window, you have to think outside the box. More thoughtful décor will work wonders for you where conventional adornment will not.

There are actually three areas of a kitchen window that you can decorate. They are the shelf and walls, the headers and cabinets around it and the window itself. All three are excellent places to decorate and adding a little attractiveness there need only take an hour or two. There are plenty of ideas that you can tap into that will make your kitchen window stand out without actually putting in much effort or spending a lot of money.

Decorating Ideas And Avoiding Mistakes

To highlight and decorate your kitchen window you do not have to make a huge effort because this will undoubtedly overwhelm the space. Whether you have a large or a small window in your kitchen is irrelevant because a larger window can also become crowded very easily. As such, it is best to stick with subtle hints and tones.

For example, purchase a wallpaper border or some small tiles that match your kitchen décor and lay them on the edge of the wall around your window. This will draw attention to it without making the window look out of place. You could also paint the headers and the frames to coordinate perfectly.

Window Staining

You could actually ad a little decoration to the window itself if you are feeling bold. You can purchase products that act as window staining and are affixed to your window to create that effect. If you are looking for something different then this may be the thing for you. It tends to work better on smaller windows rather than sprawling ones because it does look out of place.

Alternatively, you could ad a small netting or curtain to give it a little character. Whilst some homeowners have wooden shutters on the outside of their homes to add character, they will not do anything on the inside whereas netting or small curtains most definitely will.

Finishing the kitchen in your home off by decorating the window is a fantastic idea and a cheap one. It does not have to cost a fortune but could make all the difference to the room. It is worth considering if nothing else, but it will certainly give you a chance to get creative.

Photo by Morten Siebuhr, Creative Commons Attribution License