Decorations for a Front Porch

The front porch is a great way to escape the confines of a house and relax outdoors. Front porches usually don’t have as much décor as any room inside the house, but there are many decorations for a front porch that can make it an even more relaxing place to be. It also adds curb appeal to a house and provides an inviting point of entry for visitors.

Porch Furniture

Porch furniture pieces are decorative items that serve a useful function. Many people enjoy having a porch swing, either free standing or attached to the porch ceiling. Another variation is the porch rocking chair. These items, just as any furniture that will be kept outdoors, should be made of something that will withstand the elements.

Rocking chairs are often made of wicker for this reason. Once you have a color and material picked out, there are lots of other decorations for a front porch that can be used to coordinate the porch’s look.

Small benches are a nice decorative item for front porches, as they are both stylish and useful. Benches can be used for seating outside, or they can be used to sit on to take off dirty shoes. They can also be used to hold other decorative items.

Having a bench is especially useful during the holidays when they can be made to hold festive holiday decorations for the front porch, such as a candy bowl for Halloween or a small tree at Christmas time.

Decorating the Front Door

A good starting point for coordinating decorations for the front porch is the front door. This can be dressed up with bright colors, or with more subdued nature-inspired tones. Many people like hanging decorative items on or around the front door as well.

This may include holiday wreaths, large bows, or faux greenery that can be hung along the doorframe all year long. It is possible as well to use real greenery around the front door. Large plants, such as potted topiaries, can add a special, regal look to the entrance.

Decorative signs for the front door, or elsewhere on the porch, can give the porch a warm, country feel. Decorative signs may have the family’s name, special instructions (Wipe your feet!), or a cute saying to greet visitors. Decorations for the front porch can demonstrate to the world your sense of humor, helping visitors to feel at home.

Using the Columns

The support columns are another area that can be imaginatively decorated. The columns can be wrapped in red ribbon for Christmas, festooned with balloons for parties, or ringed with greenery to play up the surrounding landscaping. Fall themed decorations for the front porch can include hay bales next to the columns, or Indian corn tied around them.

When looking for seasonal items, there are many different styles and price ranges available. Many people also enjoy making things themselves out of crafting materials to dress up the porch. Garlands and other items wrapped around the columns are easy to make by hand. Bows, ribbons, and other decorative items can be purchased in craft stores and in major discount stores.

A well decorated porch benefits by being kept clean and free of leaves, sticks, and other yard debris. A porch that is dirty or full of old shoes and umbrellas is not showing off the decorations for the front porch that will otherwise make the porch an inviting, calming and relaxing place to be.

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