Decorative Ceramic Tile

Want to learn how to create your own decorative ceramic tile? By doing this, you are guaranteed to have one-of-a-kind decor and have fun at the same time! Read on to learn more about a great way not only to express yourself artistically, but to also make your home uniquely yours.

Painting Tile

Ceramic tile painting by professionals comes after many years of practice and is only one part of creating decorative ceramic tiles. To seriously learn this craft, take a course offered by either a school or from a private, individual artist. That way, you learn the ins and outs of different types of clays, how to efficiently make more than one or two tiles at a time, and how to do such things as transferring a design from paper to tile. You also learn about methods of firing, the different temperatures used, and how long and how many times ceramic tiles must be fired.

But for those of you looking for a relatively easy, quick-to-do way to delve into painting ceramic tile, here is a lowdown on the art that still produces a uniquely yours product that you can proudly show off anywhere you choose.


First, purchase as many clean ceramic tiles as you want to decorate. Any home center store will carry a variety of colors, but stick with the lighter shades in order for your design to show up.

Craft and hobby stores carry everything else: paints specially made for ceramics that become fired by baking in your oven, a variety of soft brushes in different sizes (and maybe even a few applicator bottles with tips, if applying paint is easier for you this way), and small containers for holding paint.

Start Simple

Start with simple designs and paint whatever your heart desires on the tiles. As you become more comfortable and more adept, you will want to make your patterns or designs more complex, but for now, keep everything simple. You may want to mix your paints to create different colors and to add variety to the hues. Allow the paint to dry.

Bake the painted ceramic tiles in the oven according to the directions on the ceramic-paint packaging. And that is it, you are done. Now, the next hurdle to overcome is where in the world to put your own terrific decorative ceramic tiles. You just might even need to make more.

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