Decorative Landscaping Rocks

Many homeowners are often looking for decorative landscaping rocks to enhance their yards and entryways to their homes. Gardens are also accentuated with decorative rocks, and choosing the perfect rock can transform a plain and boring looking yard into a special and unique patch of beauty.

Decorative landscaping rocks may be small and used as ground cover, or they may be large and serve as a central focal point for your landscaping design. You should plan your garden and your exterior design based upon your climate, your zone, and using plenty of flowers that are native to your area. However, using a large beautiful decorative rock can bring your whole design into alignment and make your yard stand apart from the crowd.

Large Minerals

If color and shape are the theme of your home's exterior then choosing decorative landscaping rocks that feature the beautiful hues of minerals may be the perfect addition for your home. Choosing a rock such as rose quartz will lend its beauty and pale pink hues to many gardens, and is a stunning attraction to look at.

You can find decorative landscaping rocks that are large and weigh anywhere from 100-600 pounds. If you are ordering your rocks and they will be shipped, you will need to include the cost of shipping such large items when you are working with your budget needs. So, if you are on a limited budget, make sure to plan for the added shipping expense.

Decorative Landscaping Rocks and your Plants

When using decorative landscaping rocks in a garden, it is important to take note of some facts that will help you ensure that your layout and design work in harmony.

First, rocks tend to become hot during the day and they may reflect the extra heat back on your yard and plants. If you have one central rock, you should carefully choose the plants that you line the rock with.

Also, if you are using lots of pebbles or gravel as ground cover, then you will also need to choose those flowers that will surround the ground cover carefully as well. However, with careful planning and choosing the location of the rocks with your plant's needs in mind, you can ensure a beautiful garden that will work for all of your living organisms.

Choosing Ground Covers

When choosing decorative landscaping rocks for ground cover you will find that there are many options to choose from. Sand is a great choice for those who live near beach communities and can be an outstanding ground cover. A fabulous rock that will accentuate every landscape and design is called Rainbow River Rock. These rocks look incredible and are a beautiful array of various colors.

They look stunning in garden ponds, or anywhere you have flowing water on your property. White rock is a very popular choice for landscaping, and it looks beautiful with any flowers or plant choices. Lava rock looks wonderful and comes in a variety of colors, you can choose from black, red, or even gold. This is a fantastic choice when you want a striking combination for your garden beds.

By choosing decorative landscaping rocks, you can ensure that your yard will be unique and distinctive and a beautifully tranquil area.

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