Decorative Stone Landscaping

Remember when you were a kid and you kicked a rock along the road, picked it up, put it in your pocket and called it your pet? You examined it, touched it, and kept it. Something about that rock was attractive, in its own stony kind of way! Decorative stone landscaping is like beautifying your yard with your pet rock multiplied thousands of times over.

Rocks have an indistinguishable quality that makes them work so well in gardens. They add dimension and character, while being entirely zero maintenance. There are scores of colors to choose from, in various shapes and sizes, and it is these qualities that make them so interesting to the eye when viewing their addition to the site. Decorative stone landscaping is becoming increasingly popular as more and more varieties of stone are added to the list to choose from.

As well as being aesthetically pleasing, decorative stone landscaping provides practical benefits. Time is in short supply for many people and the thought of mowing the lawn on the weekend is a thought dispensed with very quickly. With the garden laid out cleverly, and featuring decorative stones as well as water features and ornamental pots or furniture, the patch of land apportioned to grass is virtually eliminated. Of course, this is by design, because the less grass there is, the less time spent mowing it!

While it seems simple enough to drive a truck to a quarry site, load it up with rocks and deliver them to someones house, there is actually a more complex process involved. Consumers demand quality and consistency, and as with fruit such as apples, if there is a blemish on one, they will simply pick through the pile until they find a perfect one. With stones, it would be the same way unless the manufacturers graded them according to size, shape and appearance. And you thought rocks were just rocks. Decorative stone landscaping does not just happen by accident.

Professional companies produce a range of products including limestone, travertine, marble, granite and sandstone to specifications requested by their customers. They employ state-of-the-art technology and hardware to maintain quality control in their products. Decorative stone landscaping begins at a natural site, proceeds through a factory and ultimately results in delivery of a highly regarded product to the happy customer.

As well as looking great in your garden, decorative stone landscaping serves another purpose. It helps to retain moisture and protect plant roots from extremes of temperature, yet it will not fade in color, deteriorate or rot as in the case of organic mulches. If you intend to do-it-yourself, it is also easier to use decorative stone landscaping products as a ground cover than it is to use cement, pavers or turf.

Investigate the possibilities of decorative stone landscaping for your garden or courtyard soon. There is much to be gained and we all love that.

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